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Donald Trump graphic by Edel Rodriguez

Edel Rodriguez creates "You're fired" graphic after Donald Trump loses 2020 US presidential election

Cuban-American artist Edel Rodriguez has created cartoons lampooning president Donald Trump as a toppling statue and a fired employee after he lost the 2020 US election to Joe Biden.

On Saturday, Rodriguez posted an illustration of Trump standing on a crumbling clifftop with bold black text reading "You're Fired" in reference to Trump's catchphrase when he hosted television reality show The Apprentice.

It is among a series of post-election visuals Rodriguez has created. Another shows Trump as a toppling statue while a third depicts president-elect Joe Biden putting the head back on the Statue of Liberty.


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The latter is a follow-up of an older Rodriguez visual depicting Trump holding the severed head of the statue in one hand and a bloody sword in the other.

Rodriguez, who has 28,000 Instagram followers, has become a regular critic of Trump since the former reality-TV star was elected president in 2016. The artist has depicted him in a number of Time magazine covers and in satirical designs for German magazine Der Spiegel.

In the lead up to the 3 November election, and the days following during the vote count, Rodriguez ramped up production of his cartoon Trump, who he typically characterises with bright orange skin, yellow hair and an open mouth, but no other facial features.


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Recent designs include two orange penises of varying sizes, both of which are punctured with a Trump-style mouth at the top. Beneath Rodriguez has captioned the larger image PERCEPTION and the smaller image REALITY.

He also made a bin-bag version of Trump bearing the slogan "NOV 3 DON'T FORGET TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH".

Rodriguez gained popularity for cartoons that graced a number of magazines during Trump's presidency. These included illustrations of Trump on fire for TIME magazine.

In 2018, he released a reimagined a more provocative cover for Trump exposé Fire and Fury, which depicted Trump's face as a large flame with a small White House illustrated at the bottom.


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When Trump won the election four years ago in November Four years ago, illustrators took to social media to post images that expressed their feelings about Trump becoming the next US with many similarly portraying him unfavourably.

Democratic candidate Biden was called as the 46th president on 7 November 2020 following a tense race with Republican candidate and current President Trump.

Leading up to this year's election, artists and designers created graphics with the aim to motivate people to vote, including Instagram gifs, brass pins, billboards and magazine covers.