Catch: The HIV Detector wins Dezeen Awards 2020 design project of the year

A compact, affordable device for detecting HIV by London-based designer Hans Ramzan has won the Dezeen Awards 2020 design project of the year.

Called Catch: The HIV Detector, the device "is cheap and easy to mass-produce" said Margriet Vollenburg, head of the design master jury.

It was named winner of design project of the year in the Dezeen Awards 2020 design show, where it also won in the product design of the year category.

There were 1,240 entries for the design categories at this year's Dezeen Awards, which is sponsored by Allermuir, V1, LSA, Hem and Grohe. Of these, 62 were shortlisted by our jury of 25 leading figures from the world of design.

This week, the Dezeen Awards 2020 architecture winners were revealed on Monday 23 and interiors winners on Tuesday 24 November.

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Catch: HIV Detector is a pocket-sized device that encourages people in developing countries, who have limited access to healthcare, to test themselves for HIV at home.

By allowing users to test for HIV before it develops into AIDS, this device could save millions of lives each year.

HIV detecter
It was named the winner from 1,240 entries

"Catch is very simple in its nature," said the judges on this year's design master jury, which consisted of Dror Benshetrit, Margriet Vollenberg, Sindiso Khumalo, Rosanne Somerson and Talenia Phua Gajardo.

"It is extremely intuitive, can be used by anyone and can be used by anyone," they added. "It's designed to do all the thinking for the user."

Catch was selected out of the 12 winning projects in the design categories. "It's cheap, easy to mass-produce and a powerful took in tackling HIV and AIDS in countries with limited access to healthcare," said Vollenberg.