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Guadalajara House by Alejandro Sticotti

Ten peaceful bedrooms designed by architects

A Shaker-style sleeping space and a bed chamber with a colour scheme informed by California deserts are among the ten serene, architect-designed bedrooms in our latest Dezeen Lookbook.

This is the latest in a series providing visual inspiration for the home. Previous articles in the series showcased visually inspiring dining rooms, cosy living roomsdomestic bathrooms designed by architects and colourful kitchens.

Bedroom in Guadalajara House, Mexico, by Alejandro Sticotti

Guadalajara House, Mexico, by Alejandro Sticotti

Architect Alejandro Sticotti designed Guadalajara House around two existing trees, and closeness to nature was an important aspect of its layout.

This can be seen in the master bedroom suite, which has large floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open up onto a private deck on the northern side of the house. Wooden panelling and a soft grey and white colour scheme create a relaxing place for sleep.

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Pound Ridge House bedroom by Tsao & McKown

Pound Ridge House, US, by Tsao & McKown

This house in upstate New York was designed with an open layout, but its master suite is separated from the more public areas by a private sitting area.

Here, the owners' bed sits up against a wall painted in dark, moody hues, close to a veranda that can be accessed through a set of sliding doors. A fireplace completes the bedroom.

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Bedroom in Prism House + Terrace Room, Chile, by Smiljan Radíc

Prism House + Terrace Room, Chile, by Smiljan Radíc

The main bedroom in Prism House by Chilean architect Smiljan Radíc overlooks a dead river of lava from a previous eruption of the nearby Llaima Volcano.

The dramatic view, seen through Prism House's glazed rear wall, is offset by a simple interior that features a blackened Oregon pine wood floor and a wooden bed that also functions as a seat or shelf.

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Bedroom in Xiang Jiang House, China, by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Xiang Jiang House, China, by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Swedish architecture and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune went all-in on natural materials for this Beijing house, where a bedroom features timber panelling on both floor and walls as well as a large, four-poster wooden bed frame.

The pared-down colours are matched with contemporary design pieces from Scandinavia, Japan, China and Italy.

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Bedroom in holiday home by YLAB Arquitectos

Spanish holiday home, Spain, by YLAB Arquitectos

A walnut slatted ceiling decorates the master bedroom of this holiday home in southeast Spain with coastal mountain-range views.

Grey sandstone was used for the wall, and a contrasting headboard and storage unit in black behind the bed was decorated with brass accessories. "The interplay of materials and brass elements make it feel very luxurious, but it's also cosy, almost like a wooden holiday retreat," said the studio co-founder Yolanda Yuste López.

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Bedroom in Bermonds Locke hotel, UK, by Holloway Li

Bermonds Locke, UK, by Holloway Li

California deserts informed the design of Bermonds Locke, a hotel in London's Bermondsey area. Colours throughout its rooms were taken from desert sunsets, as seen on the warm terracotta-hued rug and multicoloured bedspread in the bedroom above.

Bermonds Locke rooms are used to sleep in but also for eating and working, so the studio separated the bed from the rest of the room by creating bespoke black bed frames that can be enclosed using linen drapes.

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Bedroom in Forest House, Thailand, by Shma Company

Forest House, Thailand, by Shma Company

The plant-filled Forest House accommodates seven people and 120 trees on just 300 metres. In this peaceful bedroom, steel louvres cover the windows to create privacy, while two narrow balconies hold an assortment of potted plants.

A wooden headboard with built-in bedside tables adds practical storage space. Colours were kept to white, with brown rugs that match the wood detailing.

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Bedroom in Klinker Apartment, Spain, by Colombo and Serboli Architecture

Klinker Apartment, Spain, by Colombo and Serboli Architecture

Colourful tiles create a vibrant floor decoration in this bedroom in Klinker Apartment in Barcelona, where a sage border warps around the room and even envelops the headboard.

The ceiling was painted a matching green hue, and decorations kept to a minimum to allow the colours to speak for themselves – two white spherical lamps illuminate the bed and a bedside table in a darker green holds Alexander Calder-style mobiles.

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Bedroom in Kawakawa House, New Zealand, by Herbst Architects

Kawakawa House, New Zealand, by Herbst Architects

The dramatic bedroom of Kawakawa House is clad in dark birch panels. It features clerestory windows that let in the dappled sunlight from the canopy of pōhutukawa trees outside, as well as smaller windows next to the bed.

With such striking views, the walls could be kept empty of pictures and the only other details are hanging bedside tables in a lighter wood.

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Bedroom in Círculo Mexicano Hotel, Mexico, by Mabrosi Etchegaray

Círculo Mexicano Hotel, Mexico, by Mabrosi Etchegaray

There's a monastic feel to the Shaker-inspired Círculo Mexicano Hotel, with its white-painted floors and beds covered in beige linens with exposed seams. Barrel-vaulted ceilings clad in red tiles add a touch of colour to the serene surroundings.

"Originally all the design process was inspired by an ecclesiastical aesthetics," architect Jorge Ambrosi told Dezeen. "With that premise, we imagined an architecture free of ornament, where the correct use of simple materials enhances the quality of the space."

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