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Row House by Urban Splash

House by Urban Splash approaches housebuilding like product design

Dezeen promotion: House by Urban Splash is adding two new products to its family of modular housing: a modern mews called Row House, and Mansion House – European-style, mid-rise apartments.

House by Urban Splash (HUS) now offers a range of products that cater for a variety of income levels and households, addressing personal needs rather than taking a "cookie-cutter" approach to house building.

As the company's newest offering, Row House is a modern mews based on the traditional Victorian terrace found across the UK. Like all products in the HUS range, it can be configured by the buyer to suit their lifestyle.

Row House by Urban Splash
Row House homes will face onto communal gardens

"As a business, we’re striving to create much-needed homes in the UK, which meet the demands of a range of homeowners without compromising on quality, we are delighted to diversify our offer with Row House," said HUS co-founder Jonathan Falkingham.

"Row House combines state-of-the-art architecture, materiality and construction with lifestyle-enhancing customer choice."

Row House by Urban Splash
Buyers can customise a home's layout to meet their needs

By diversifying its product portfolio, HUS hopes to offer buyers as many options as possible from modern homes of the highest architectural quality.

"Buyers have responded well to what we've created over the last five years – notably the clean, modern design, the element of customer choice and the simplicity of a future-proof structure which takes away any limitations," Falkingham said.

Row House joins the company's initial Town House, designed by architecture firm shedkm and launched in 2016 as a configurable, large family home over two or three storeys.

Similarly, shedkm's designs for Row House provide a host of customisable options starting with a trio of size options.

Row House by Urban Splash
Modern interiors follow the architectural design by shedkm

"Row House incorporates the most up-to-date modular thinking and sustainability features," said Ian Killick, director at shedkm.

"We have made a few big design moves to make the most efficient use of internal space and open up options for outdoor living space. As buyers pick and choose their options, Row House will deliver an eclectic streetscape, with a distinct aesthetic running through it."

The first Row House homes will be built in East Float, Wirral Waters – a new riverside neighbourhood in Merseyside – with bold red cladding designed to complement the area's industrial heritage.

Row House by Urban Splash
Row House comes in three sizes, the largest of which includes an expansive master suite

The family-sized dwellings come in three sizes occupying the same footprint: two storey; two-and-a-half storey with a roof terrace; and three storey with an expansive master suite.

Individual homes will face onto shared communal gardens and form an undulating streetscape created by the variety of building profiles.

The launch of Row House will be closely followed by Mansion House, a selection of customisable apartments at the waterfront community of New Islington in Manchester – adding an option for one to two occupants to the HUS product range.

Mansion House by Urban Splash
Mansion House apartments will overlook Manchester's waterfront New Islington community

Housed within three mid-rise blocks – the first of which is already complete – the one- and two-bedroom apartments have spacious balconies, home-office spaces, and dual-aspect views.

The new buildings are constructed from cross-laminated timber, which also forms the interior finishes for the apartments. Buyers can choose from nine flexible layouts focused around the kitchen, and non-load-bearing inner walls can be moved in the future as needs change.

Alongside Town House, Row House and Mansion House, the company runs a Guest House programme that delivers one-off projects and site-specific solutions. An example is Fab House, designed by George Clarke and TDO Architects, which is sold out at Smith's Dock in North Shields.

Mansion House by Urban Splash
Cross-laminated timber acts as the mid-rise buildings' structure and interior finish

HUS is currently researching and developing more products, including affordable options, and larger detached residences.

"As our business grows, economies of scale and a relentless focus on efficiency will flow through to our homeowners," said Simon Humphreys, the company's head of product design. "We'll continue to innovate – there will always be new and exciting designs just around the corner."

To learn more about the House by Urban Splash product range, visit the company's website.

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