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2026 Winter Olympic logo revealed after public vote

An angular line drawing of the number 26 has been revealed as the logo for the Milano Cortina Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Named Futura, the emblem for the event, which will be hosted in the Italian city of Milan and the Cortina d'Ampezzo ski resort in 2026, was designed by branding agency Landor Associates to reflect the Games' ideals.

"Influenced by the themes of sport, solidarity and sustainability," said Sari Essayah, the International Olympic Committee's coordination commission chair for the games.

"Futura illustrates a dynamic and modern design that reflects some of the fundamental values of its Olympic and the Paralympic Winter Games."

The 2026 Winter Olympic Games has an angular design
Top: Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic emblems. Above: The Winter Olympic logo has an angular design

It has an angular design and is characterised by a continuous line that crosses over itself to form a two and a six.

Over 500,000 votes cast in favour of the design

The Olympics logo was chosen by a public vote for the first time in the history of the Olympics.

Over 870,000 votes were cast from 169 countries, with 75 per cent of voters choosing the Futura emblem over an alternative also designed by Landor Associates.

In its announcement video, the emblem was animated by the singular sweep of an index finger to reveal two different colourways that represent both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Paralympic Games emblem references the Aurora Borealis

For the Olympic Games emblem, the 26 was coloured a stark silver to represent snow and harmony.

The Paralympic Games emblem uses the same design, however, echoes the green, red and blue used to identify the International Paralympics.

The paralympic logo for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games has a red, blue and green colouring
The Paralympic Games emblem was informed by a natural light phenomenon

It also references the Aurora Borealis, a rare natural light phenomenon that is seen above the Dolomites mountain range, as it employs the same colourful hues and gradient effect.

"The vivid use of the colours of the Paralympic Agitos [symbol] make this an emblem that truly represents and is accessible to everyone across the Paralympic Movement," IPC President Andrew Parsons said.

"I also love the fact that this emblem reflects the natural wonder of Italy, which is important given the strong legacy of sustainability that is central to these Games."

The design of the two logos also aims to channel the Games's sustainability commitments, a theme that was also echoed in the design of the Paris 2024 Olympic logo, which was designed to have a lower environmental impact in its print and digital mediums.