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Gianfranco Vasselli incorporates OLED display into wood shelf

In our next video showcasing the finalists of Dezeen and LG Display's OLEDs Go! competition, Italian designer Gianfranco Vasselli explains his concept for an OLED display incorporated into a shelving unit so you can view it while lying in bed.

Called Console, Venice-based designer Vasselli's concept is a wooden shelf with a multi-functional OLED screen built into its underside.

Console by Gianfranco Vasselli
Gianfranco Vasselli’s entry for the OLEDs Go! competition is called Console

It is designed to be mounted above a bed, so that users can browse social media, watch television or surf the web while lying in bed.

The shelving unit can be used for storage and the screen itself can also be used as a reading light.

Console is finished in solid wood and comes in different sizes and heights. It can either be a standalone unit with legs or be mounted directly on the wall.

Console by Gianfranco Vasselli
The concept allows users to watch television or scroll through social media while lying in bed

Recognising that most people use their phones and laptops right before and after going to sleep, Vasselli's design aims to be a more comfortable solution to interacting with digital devices in bed.

"Our smartphones are the first object we touch when we wake up and the last thing we put down before falling asleep," Vasselli explained in the video, which Dezeen shot in Venice.

Console by Gianfranco Vasselli
Console's OLED screen can also be used as a reading light

"My concept would allow people to go about the activities they use a smartphone for in a more comfortable way.”

The design is one of five finalists in Dezeen and LG Display's OLEDs Go! competition, a global contest seeking innovative designs that showcase OLED technology in new and creative ways.

The competition brief asked entrants to create designs that showcase some of OLED technology's key qualities, such as its lightness and thinness and the possibility for OLED displays to be flexible or transparent.

Console by Gianfranco Vasselli
Console is finished in solid wood and comes in different sizes and heights

The finalists were selected from 20 shortlisted designs, which included shelves that conceal a rollable screen, a table that doubles as a TV and an immersive baby crib.

The overall winner of the contest will be announced in June.

All of the top five designers will share in the prize pot of €46,000, with the winner receiving €15,000, the runner-up €10,000, and the remaining three finalists receiving €7,000 each.

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