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Hub Curved pod by Kettal with a raised counter surrounded by bar stools

Hub Curved meeting room pod by Kettal

Dezeen Showroom: design brand Kettal has released Hub Curved, a modular pod that can be placed in office interiors to provide flexible yet enclosed workspaces.

Part of Kettal's Pavilion O collection, Hub Curved is an adaptable aluminium structure that contains three different zones under one roof.

Adaptable and modular Hub Curved pod by Kettal surrounded in louvres
Hub Curved is an adaptable and modular pod

"Whether it is for sitting, meeting or taking a break, this curved structure will suit a variety of casual or impromptu interactions," said Kettal.

Available in two different sizes, the Hub Curved can be customised with glass and wood panels as well as curtains and acoustic louvres that provide occupants with quiet and privacy despite the pod's open structure.

Hub Curved pod by Kettal as seen through tall glass wall
Kettal designed the product for flexible office interactions

The pod has integrated dimmable LED lights and can be kitted out with practical fittings such as shelving, TV units and planters.

"Hub Curved offers you a third space within your actual office space," Kettal explained. "The flexibility of its system enables you to create scenes that complement whatever vision you have for your office culture."

Product: Hub Curved
Contact: [email protected]

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Hub Curved by Kettal
Hub Curved by Kettal