SylvanSport Go camping trailer parked by an isolated lake surrounded by mountains
Pop-up camping kit contained in compact SylvanSport Go trailer

Pop-up camping kit contained in compact SylvanSport Go trailer

American outdoor equipment company SylvanSport has designed a camping trailer that can be attached to almost any car and expanded into a pop-out shelter on arrival.

The Go trailer is designed to make camping easier and more convenient by accommodating a pop-up tent, storage space and a rack for bikes and boats within an easily towable package.

Two people sit by a fire beside a pop-out tent trailer next to a lake
SylvanSport's Go camping trailer contains a pop-out tent among gear storage space

The trailer has a four-part design, including a tent pod mounted between an equipment rack and an expandable gear deck, while a storage box at the front can be used to hold smaller accessories.

To unfurl the tent, users must first expand the gear deck to its full height using a hand crank, at which point the tent can be pulled out from its hinged case.

View from the SylvanSport Go pop-up tent over a lake
The tent can be configured with either twin or king-sized beds

The four-person shelter can be set up in 15 minutes, according to SylvanSport, and has the benefit of being elevated above the ground.

Its modular interior can be adjusted to accommodate either a king bed, twin beds or a dining area complete with a fold-out table.

Various accessories hang from the wall of the SylvanSport Go pop-out tent
The trailer is available in packages with optional accessories

The equipment rack on top has a carrying capacity of 75 kilograms and is ideal for boats and bikes.

The gear deck below is good for items such as bags and coolers. But with a capacity of 435 kilograms and a maximum height of 1.2 metres, it can also carry something as large as a quad bike.

"The Go is designed to make every stage of your journey more convenient and more enjoyable, utilising the vehicle and accessories you already have," said SylvanSport.

The tent is made of 220-denier ripstop nylon fabric, which the company says is three times more durable than a traditional family tent, as well as being waterproof and seam-sealed to eliminate the need for additional tarpaulins.

View through the Go camping trailer at a lake
The tent is housed under the gear deck

Its other components are made of strong, lightweight aluminium that is powder-coated for extra protection against bumps and scratches.

At 381 kilograms, the trailer should be light enough to be towed by almost any vehicle.

Two people sit by a fire beside a pop-out tent trailer in the mountains
A tent awning can be added for extra protection from the elements

The Go camping trailer comes as a standalone unit or in packages together with extra accessories such as an air mattress, camp kitchen, solar kit and tent awning.

Other camping attachments for cars that have been featured on Dezeen include a pop-up rooftop tent and a modular timber box by Czech firm Studio 519 that fits into the boot of most vehicles and can be expanded into a double bed and fully fitted kitchen.

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