Effe's Yoku Spa encompasses wellness-related products in one unit

Promotion: Italian designer Marco Williams Fagioli has designed the Yoku Spa, which contains a sauna, shower and Turkish bath, for design brand Effe.

Launched at Milan's Salone trade fair in June 2021, the Yoku Spa was designed to encompass a range of wellness-related products in one unit.

A photograph of people enjoying the wellness system
The wellness system was designed by Marco Williams Fagioli

The unit contains a doorless shower – designed in order to provide freedom of movement and easy access, which is flanked on either side by an enclosed sauna and Turkish bath.

"Featuring a shower head with a 30 centimetre diameter and a hand-held shower, the shower space is doorless so as to provide maximum ease of access and freedom of movement," explained Fagioli.

"[It has] toning and regenerating effects that become a key moment of the experience," he continued.

A photograph of people enjoying the wellness system
The system's structural elements, including the sauna, are finished in Aspen wood and Canaletto walnut

The Yoku Spa is an evolution of Effe's previous system, named Yoku SH, and shares its minimalist aesthetic.

Both the sauna and Turkish bath were enclosed with large recessed glass walls – clear for the Turkish bath and in a bronze tone for the Sauna.

In front of the glass wall, vertical columns of natural wood were added to "create the feeling of being immersed in a forest". A shelf system can be added to the front of either the Turkish bath or Sauna to provide additional privacy.

The system's structural elements, including the sauna, are finished in sustainably-sourced heat-treated Aspen wood and Canaletto walnut.

"The inspiration behind its name is a particular branch of Japanese natural medicine called shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, a practice based on the idea that being deeply immersed in nature has surprising health benefits," added Fagioli.

A photograph of the wellness system
The unit is complete with a sauna, shower space and Turkish bath

The Yoku Spa is manufactured in Cesena, in Effe's facility, which makes it possible to create site-specific and custom-made designs to meet various project requests, according to the brand.

The system is designed to work well in private homes and luxurious hotel resorts "that can house a refined and extremely comfortable wellness area".

To learn more about the Yoku Spa, visit Effe's website.

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