Pixels launches technology that allows users to print NFTs on hundreds of products

Promotion: online art marketplace Pixels has launched a feature that allows NFT owners to print their artworks as t-shirts, puzzles, canvas prints and other print-on-demand products.

Pixels integrated the service into its site to transform NFT jpegs into physical items. This draws on the current surge in NFT popularity and other collectible items that exist in the digital world, according to the brand.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are digital certificates of ownership that can be assigned to digital assets such as a gif, video or jpeg. Similarly to cryptocurrency transactions, the tokens are recorded on a blockchain, allowing the asset to be bought.

Users who own an image-based NFT on the Ethereum blockchain can transform it into physical products by copying and pasting their wallet address onto Pixel's NFT webpage.

Pixels then takes the NFT artwork from the wallet and uses it to generate 3D, photorealistic previews on the user's chosen product, such as a mug or an iphone case.

A photograph of an alien-like cartoon on a mug
Pixels is an online marketplace

"With just a few clicks, anyone who owns an NFT can purchase physical products made from their NFT artwork," said the brand.

"This is one of the most exciting times in the history of our business," said CEO of Pixels, Sean Broihier. "We've spent the past 15+ years building software to help people transform their personal photos into physical products, and with the recent rise of NFTs, it was a natural fit to expand our printing capabilities to the NFT community. The response from NFT owners has been incredible."

When an owner of an NFT selects a product, Pixels will manufacture it in one of its 16 international manufacturing centres. All products are manufactured in three to four working days.

A photograph of a phone case which has a cartoon on its cover
Pixels has developed a technology with the aim of helping art and image owners sell their products

"There's simply no easier way to transform your NFTs into physical products," said Broihier.

"We've helped millions of people turn their personal photos into works of art, and we're very excited to introduce our technology to the NFT community."

A photograph of someone holding a phone case with a cartoon-like image on the front
Pixels technology allows NFT owners to print their NFTs as t-shirts, puzzles, canvas prints and other print-on-demand products

Pixels is an art and technology online marketplace based in Santa Monica, California. The brand was founded in 2006, and it describes itself as a global marketplace for photographers, artists and creative brands.

Pixels develops technology with the aim of helping art and image owners sell their products through retail stores, mobile apps, retail stores, and third-party e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and Shopify.

To learn more about Pixel's printing of NFTs visit the brand's website.

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