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Drone video explores Taipei Performing Arts Center by OMA

Viewers can explore both the inside and the outside of the newly-opened Taipei Performing Arts Center by Dutch studio OMA in this drone video, produced by Shephotoerd Co. Photography.

Opened to the public on 7 August, the Taipei Performing Arts Center is a 59,000-square-metre cultural venue in Taiwan that incorporates three unique theatres.

The auditoriums plug into a central glass cube and are designed by OMA to cater to different performances. Two of the venues can also be combined to form the giant Super Theater.

In the drone video by Shephotoerd Co. Photography, viewers are offered a glimpse of all three performance rooms alongside the Public Loop walkway that winds through the building.

Lined with porthole windows, the Public Loop was designed by OMA to allow the public to see into the backstage areas of the venue that are normally closed off from the public.

According to the studio's founder Rem Koolhaas, the project's design responds to the city's "appetite for experiment" and aims to create new opportunities for performance.

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