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Cloverleaf Sofa by Verner Panton for Verpan

Eight colourful sofas that make a visual statement

Dezeen Showroom: an undulating sofa that mimics the shape of a clover leaf and a modular couch system are the latest statement sofas to be featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Also included is a double-width module for Blå Station's modular sofa, a contemporary release of Verner Panton's 1964 Easy Sofa by Verpan and a sofa bench informed by millipedes by Clap Studio for Missana.

Dezeen Showroom presents playfully designed statement sofas from a variety of internationally recognised brands, manufacturers and designers.

Photograph from above showing a purple undulating sofa in a large room


Cloverleaf sofa by Verner Panton for Verpan

Originally designed in 1969 by Verner Panton, lighting brand Verpan has rereleased the Cloverleaf sofa in both indoor and outdoor iterations.

The curvaceous sofa takes cues from the undulating shape of a clover leaf and is composed of a series of modules that can be added or removed depending on the desired formation.

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Mochi sofa by Derlot in different colours

Mochi seating by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Designer Alexander Lotersztain created Mochi for Australian furniture brand Derlot to encourage conversation and interaction in both residential and commercial settings.

The design takes cues from the Japanese rice cake that shares its name and is available with and without a backrest.

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Blue Shaal sofa

Shaal sofa by Doshi Levien for Arper

The Shaal sofa by Doshi Levien for Arper comprises six modular segments that can be combined into various angular and linear configurations.

Each modular has a rigid, structured frame on the outside that contains plump cushioned seats, arms and backrests designed to envelope the user.

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Songololo sofa in aqua blue photographed from above on a wooden deck

Songololo outdoor sofa by ​​Haldane Martin for Haldane

South African designer Haldane Martin has created the Songololo outdoor sofa for outdoor furniture brand Haldane, which is designed to be contorted by the user.

The segmented seating is made up of sectional pieces comprising a curved seat and a single aluminium leg, both of which are weatherproof.

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Photograph showing panelled room with burgundy-coloured sofa and pouf

Easy sofa and pouf by Verner Panton for Verpan

Verpan has rereleased Verner Panton's classic Easy sofa and pouf originally designed in 1964.

The pieces are shaped like sets of rounded stacked discs, with the sofa featuring four U-shaped backrests to allow users to sit facing outwards.

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Gio sofa in a spacious living room

Gio sofa by Luca Erba for Hessentia

The Gio sofa by Luca Erba for Hessentia is made up of three bulbous, defined volumes which make up the seat, back and armrests.

Customisation options include a choice of upholstery fabric options as well as two versions to choose from – a conventional style sofa with a straight, linear form and a V-shaped sofa that kinks slightly at its centre.

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Photograph showing segmented bench in sage green upholstery

Worm by Clap Studio for Missana

Clap Studio designed Worm for Spanish furniture brand Missana informed by the segmented appearance of millipedes.

The bench is formed of three modules – an end module, a straight module and a curved module – with rounded seats and small legs, which can adapt to the space and the user.

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BOB 52 by Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius for Blå Station

BOB 52 sofa module by Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius for Blå Station

Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius have designed BOB 52, a wider unit for Blå Station's modular sofa.

BOB 52 is wide enough to be used as a stand-alone chair or can be used in tandem with other modules in an infinite array of configurations.

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