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Plan chair by Barber Osgerby for Fredericia

Plan Chair by Fredericia among eight new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom:chair that has a myriad of personalisation options is among eight new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Plan chair by Barber Osgerby for Fredericia

Plan Chair by Fredericia

Fredericia collaborated with design studio Barber Osgerby to create the Plan Chair, which has a minimal form that allows for extensive customisation options.

Its simple composition makes the chair appropriate for dining, living and working in both private and contract interiors, with a spectrum of finish options for its back, seat and base.

Plan Chair was recently featured on Dezeen Showroom, alongside a reissued modular seating system originally designed in the 1970s and a gaming booth that can also be used for home working and learning.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

White GB lounge chairs by Karakter combined into a sofa arrangement

GB Lounge chair by Karakter

Danish brand Karakter has relaunched the modular GB Lounge chair, which was created by Dutch designer Gijs Bakker in 1972.

A singular segment can sit solitarily as an armchair or alternatively can be paired with other modules and poufs via connectors to create bespoke seating systems.

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Dizzone is pictured being used for gaming

Dizzone by Dizz Concept

Croatian furniture brand Dizz Concept has released its Dizzone workstation, a versatile unit designed to facilitate working from home, learning, or gaming.

The pod features a desk with ample space for monitors as well as shelving and storage, and when closed resembles a large cabinet.

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Bice chair by e-ggs for Miniforms

Bice chair by E-ggs Miniforms

Miniforms' Bice chair was designed in collaboration with Italian brand E-ggs and is characterised by its curved backrest, leading the brand to dub it "the chair that's all ears".

Its distinctive appearance allows it to be used alone in a domestic interior as well as en masse in contract environments, where its ability to stack together becomes useful for storage.

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Config 01 Desk Set by Nooe on a black desk in a home office

Config01 Desk Set by NOOE

Scandinavian design brand NOOE has released a range of desk accessories that aim to foster productivity by reducing workspace clutter.

Config01 includes a laptop stand, mobile phone stand, desk rug, desk tray and cable organiser with elements made from suede, aluminium and natural American walnut.

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Myto chair by Konstantin Grcic for Plank

Myto chair by Konstantin Grcic for Plank

Konstantin Grcic's Myto chair for Italian furniture brand Plank now comes in a less rigid, lighter plastic than it was made of upon its original released in 2007.

The chair is recyclable, stackable and available in black, white, traffic red, pure orange, yellow green or light blue.

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Doinyo tiles by Arcana

Doinyo tiles by Arcana

Spanish brand Arcana aims to mimic the look of high-quality marble in their Doinyo tile collection.

The tiles are characterised by their grey, blue and beige shades as well as inclusions and veining typical of natural marble, which are digitally printed onto the tiles' surface.

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Main Line Twist by Camira

British textile brand Camira's Main Line Twist upholstery fabric is made up of a combination of wool and flax

The fabric, which aims to become "a new take on tweed" according to the brand, is available in 15 colourways.

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