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Office with pink-hued task chair

A range of office furniture by Humanscale features on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Humanscale has listed a range of ergonomic workplace furniture on Dezeen Showroom, including a task chair made from recycled plastic bottles.

Designer Todd Bracher created the Path office chair for Humanscale, which has a hard shell made from ten kilograms of recycled materials, including 68 PET bottles.

Path task chair by Todd Bracher Studio and Humanscale
Path is available in a range of finishes and upholstery options

The chair is designed to adjust to the weight and seated position of the user to provide support over the course of the working day without the need to adjust any manual levers, as is the case with conventional office chairs.

It is available in a range of different finishes including leather, fabric and Humanscale's recycled polyester upholstery.

Series of Liberty Ocean chairs in an office
The Liberty Ocean chair aims to tackle problems caused by discarded plastics

The Liberty Ocean chair is also made from recycled plastic – specifically discarded fishing net debris found in the world's oceans.

Unlike Path, which features a solid backrest, Liberty Ocean has a backrest made from a taut mesh material that cushions the contours of the user's body.

White Trea office chairs around tables
The chairs come in a selection of base options

The result of another collaboration between designer Todd Bracher and Humanscale, the Trea office chair features a contoured back that gently reclines.

A gently lipped front edge aims to reduce pressure points on the legs when using the seat.

Two desks in an office
The desk accommodates both seated and standing work postures

The brand's two-legged Float desk is also adjustable, catering to user needs with its counterbalance mechanism that allows the surface to fluidly adjust in height.

It accommodates both seated and standing work postures and comes in two versions that allow its surface height to be adjusted either electronically or manually.

White device on white table with phone charging while connected to it
The docking station can be affixed to a desk or a monitor arm

The versatile M/Connect 2 docking station contains multiple USB ports and a headphone jack to keep all cords attached to one central hub.

The device can be slotted onto one of the brand's own monitor arms or attached to the edge of a desk for easy access.

A black mobile phone on Neatcharge
Neatcharge allows phones to be charged without cables or cords

Another product aiming to reduce workspace clutter is the Neatcharge, which utilises magnetic resonance technology to charge phones when placed on top of it.

The device eliminates the need for phone charging cords that can cause extra clutter.

A white desk lamp on a table
Nova can be repositioned and controlled with one hand

Also helping to streamline desk-based working is the Nova desk lamp, which comes in black, grey and white and is available with in-built USB and wireless charging functionalities.

The lamp's arm and head position, as well as its brightness, can be adjusted with only one hand for ergonomic ease.

A black desk lamp on a white surface
Nova's arms can rotate up to 180 degrees

Humanscale specialises in the design and manufacturing of office products, seating and equipment.

The brand was originally founded in 1983 and is headquartered in New York. It frequently collaborates with leading ergonomic designers.

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