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Ten functional products and furniture for office spaces

Dezeen Showroom: chairs featuring wheels and optional screens, and an office booth made from recycled materials are the latest workspace products to be featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Also included is a lightweight, stackable cantilever chair by Plank, a modular layout system by Alki and a wireless charger by Humanscale.

The furniture selected has not exclusively been designed for offices but the functionality of each piece is ideal for professional environments. The products are environmentally conscious, spatially efficient or adaptable to changing settings.

Read on to see the latest office furniture and products from a variety of internationally recognised manufacturers and brands featured on Dezeen Showroom:

Phone on top of grey wirelesscharger

Neatcharge by Humanscale

Office furniture brand Humanscale has launched its wireless charger Neatcharge, which is designed to take up less space on a desk by attaching to the underside.

The 13 centimetre charger automatically turns on once a device is placed above it and off again when it is removed.

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Photo of an orange, blue and black chair

Myto chair by Konstantin Grcic for Plank

Italian furniture brand Plank has updated its Myto chair, which was originally created by designer Konstantin Grcic in 2007, to be lighter and more flexible.

The stackable cantilever chair is made by injection moulding, and comes in black, white, red, pure orange, yellow green or light blue.

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Photo of black and wooden chairs

S 220 chair by Industrial Facility for Thonet

The 214 bentwood chair by Thonet has been redesigned by Industrial Facility, using both plywood and industrial steel.

The original chair – which was released in 1859 – has been updated with modern technology to make it efficient, stackable and more comfortable, according to the designers.

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Photo of a wooden desk and green chair

Harri writing desk by Peter Fehrentz for More

Peter Fehrentz has designed the Harri writing desk for More to create a spacious environment for those working.

The desk features a large tabletop and three drawers decorated with strips of wood, informed by warehouses in Hamburg.

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Photo of chairs and panel in grey and green

Hybe seating collection by Form Us With Love for EFG

Hybe seating range was developed by EFG for industrial design brand Form Us With Love for offices and educational settings, featuring single and double-seated chairs on wheels.

The furniture comes with or without armrests and an additional screen can be added to create sound-blocking booths.

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Photo of colourful chairs and white table

Zeph Chair by Herman Miller with Studio 7.5

Office furniture brand Herman Miller and Studio 7.5 have partnered to create an office chair informed by the mid-century Eames Shell Chair.

The Zeph Chair features a reclining mono-shell seat and comes in eight colours with customisable upholstery.

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Photo of sofa against a brick wall

LXR16 sofa by Studio Truly Truly for Leolux LX

The LXR16 sofa, designed by Dutch studio Studio Truly Truly for Leolux LX, is low-lying and held up with short aluminium legs.

The long, round sofa is part of Leolux LX's Modular System collection and can be upholstered in leather or fabric.

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Photo of an office booth with a high table

Chatpod 700 by Jeffrey Ibañez for Impact Acoustic

Jeffrey Ibañez designed the Chatpod 700 for Imapact Acoustic, an office booth made from recycled materials.

The booth, which can fit four people, can be fitted with a high table or bench and offers the option of including a whiteboard or screen holder.

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Photo of green and neutral office furniture

Zuzulu space layout system by Alki

Spanish furniture brand Alki has partnered with design studio Iratzoki Lizaso to create the Zuzulu space layout system for open-space offices and working environments.

The modular layout system uses panels and partitions that can be added to the brand's furniture to create functional, divided spaces.

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Photo of office furniture

Patio divider system by Robert Bronwasser for Cascando

Industrial designer Robert Bronwasser has developed the Patio divider system for Dutch office brand Cascando to create hybrid spaces within offices.

The connecting divides are designed in multiple sizes to fit and adapt to a range of environments.

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