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White bath in bright, warm interior

BetteEve baths by Bette among six new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: a bathtub that appears to have been smoothly hollowed out by water is among six new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

BetteEve bath collection by Dominik Tesseraux for Bette

BetteEve baths by Dominik Tesseraux for Bette

German bathroom brand Bette has collaborated with designer Dominik Tesseraux to create a bath that has a seamless bevelled transition between its rim and tub.

BetteEve baths are available in 400 colours and three shapes, all with a subtle effect that makes them appear smoothed by the water that they contain.

BetteEve was recently featured on Dezeen Showroom, as well as 3D-printed vases and a stackable A-frame chair.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

Tiny Architecture homeware by Nicolas Gold for Sheyn

Tiny Architecture homeware by Nicolas Gold for Sheyn

Vienna-based designer Nicolas Gold created a collection of 3D-printed homeware for his brand Sheyn.

Tiny Architecture consists of vases, planters, lighting and bowls made from recyclable corn-based bioplastic, available in 14 colours.

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Naku Stack chair by Harri Korhonen for Inno

Naku Stack chair by Harri Korhonen for Inno

Finnish furniture company Inno teamed up with the brand's founder Harri Korhonen to design stackable chairs made out of solid wood.

Naku Stack has a graphic A-shaped frame formed by its connected legs and armrests.

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Etta vase by Julius Heinzl for Bannach

Etta vase by Julius Heinzl for Bannach

Designer Julius Heinzl collaborated with German brand Bannach to create the Etta vase, which combines oversized proportions with geometric shapes.

The vases are hand-blown and comprise a half-spherical or conical base with a large upright cylindrical vessel and are available in crystal, smoked glass, pale pink, pale green or sapphire blue.

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Image of the acoustic timberix panels

Timberix acoustic panel installation by AntiCAD and Wolf Studio

AntiCAD and Wolf Studio created a faceted timber interior cladding system made from over 800 acoustic panels.

The panels can be arranged and installed to create a wide range of effects and come in a variety of wood finishes.

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Two bowls on plywood table containing berries and cream

Toppu ceramics collection by OYOY Living Design

Danish homeware brand OYOY Living Design created the Toppu collection to reference Danish design trends.

The range contains a bowl, tray, vase and pot with wide vertical white and grey stripes for a homely, soft finish.

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