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Farouche Tremblant cabins in the forest by Atelier l'Abri

Atelier l'Abri creates A-frame micro-cabins in Quebec forest

Canadian architecture studio Atelier l'Abri has built a series of A-frame buildings for the Farouche Tremblant agrotourism site in Québec's Mon-Tremblant National Park, which were designed to "recede in the landscape".

Intending to celebrate and showcase the surrounding untamed woodlands, Atelier l'Abri created a cafe, farm and four rental micro-cabins that act as a basecamp for visitors wanting to explore the nearby Devil's River and its valley.

Two A-frame cabin structures in the Canadian woodland
The roofs of the micro-cabins were clad in cedar shingles

Sitting among the wild terrain, the four small rental cabins have steep-pitched roofs clad in cedar shingles that extend to the ground to form sloping walls.

Each shelter has a compact plan containing a king bed, sofa and gas stove, and are connected together by a winding path.

Interior of an A-frame cabin structure with glass door overlooking the landscape
The glazed gable end of the cabin was designed to immerse visitors in the landscape

Outdoor decking and the glazed gable end at the entrance of the cabins, allowing visitors to enjoy views of the surrounding landscape from inside or outside the shelters.

"The cabins, though minimal, are designed for visitors to comfortably experience the changing beauty of the site throughout all four seasons," Atelier l'Abri founding partner Nicolas Lapierre told Dezeen.

"The structures' organisation and proximity really bring in a more social and communal experience which is great."

Timber-clad cafe with a pitched roof in the Canadian forest
Vernacular agricultural buildings informed the design of the cafe

The cafe building has a charcoal-coloured steel roof and walls clad in hemlock timber, nodding to local vernacular farm buildings.

The interior features a cathedral ceiling and a mezzanine level above the cafe service area, which provides a quiet seating area.

Visitors enter the Farouche Tremblant cafe through a small market selling seasonal products grown on the nearby vegetable farm. A lounge area with large west-facing windows overlooks the river and mountains.

To the north of the site, which spans almost one hundred acres, is an agricultural barn, farmland and greenhouses.

Hiking trails start from behind the agricultural building and lead through the valley mountains.

Interior of a timber-clad cafe with a mezzanine floor above the service area
A mezzanine provides extra lounge space in the cafe

"The micro-cabin structures were inspired by the compact A-Frame cottages and cabins from the 1950s and 60s, while the larger buildings for the cafe and farmhouse were inspired by vernacular agricultural architecture," said Lapierre.

"Minimalist in essence, the buildings recede in the landscape and allow guests to fully immerse in the wild beauty of the Devil's River."

Outdoor deck in front of an A-frame building in the forest
The Farouche Tremblant buildings were designed for visitors to enjoy the surrounding landscape

According to Lapierre, all the Farouche Tremblant buildings have wood-framed structures covered in locally sourced wood cladding.

The micro-cabins were built on steel piles without the need for cement, reducing their impact on the landscape, while the cafe and barn were built with concrete slabs and foundations.

A barn in a forest landscape with timber-clad walls and charcoal roof
Hiking trails that lead through the valley start behind the barn

Three additional cabins are currently under construction and will join the existing four structures on the camp by the river. More cabins are planned to be built on a mountain camp.

Other projects designed by Atelier l'Abri in Canada include a wooden chalet in a wildlife reserve and a self-build timber home that was constructed by the owner.

The photography is by Raphaël Thibodeau.

More images and plans

Farouche Tremblant rental cabin floor plan by Atelier l'Abri
Farouche Tremblant rental cabin exploded isometric drawing by Atelier l'Abri
Farouche Tremblant cafe ground floor plan by Atelier l'Abri
Farouche Tremblant cafe mezzanine floor plan by Atelier l'Abri
Farouche Tremblant cafe exploded isometric drawing by Atelier l'Abri
Farouche Tremblant site plan by Atelier l'Abri
Aerial view of Farouche Tremblant buildings in a wild landscape near a winding river
Two steep-pitched roofs clad in cedar shingles in a forest
Cafe interior with wooden furniture and large windows overlooking a grassy hill
Close up of the top of the steep-pitched cabin roof by Atelier l'Abri
Tops of steep-pitched roofs in a forest at dusk
A-frame cabins at night with timber structure highlighted
A-frame cabins at night with timber structure highlighted
A-frame cabin with a roof clad in cedar shingles
Cafe interior with wooden furniture, gas stove and large windows overlooking a grassy hill
Arched structure covering farmland and crops in a forest
Close-up of the top of a pitched roof with a square window and timber-clad facade
Exterior of a barn-style cafe with timber cladding, charcoal steel roof and outdoor seating