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Woodio bathroom collection by Woodio

Ten products that streamline the use of kitchens and bathrooms

Dezeen Showroom: from a see-through bathtub to an extractor fan disguised as a shelf, we've rounded up 10 of the latest bathroom and kitchen products on Dezeen Showroom.

Here, we present a selection of contemporary sanitaryware, appliances and accessories designed to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms.

This selection includes a bathroom suite made out of waste from the timber industry and a fully-equipped kitchen island that brings comprehensive functionality to the smallest of spaces.

Dezeen Showroom presents furniture, products and homeware from a variety of internationally renowned designers, manufacturers and outlets.

Minimalistic bathroom with dark bathroom suite

Woodio bathroom collection by Woodio

Finnish brand Woodio has released a bathroom suite collection made from woodchips instead of conventional porcelain.

The pieces in the Woodio collection – including basin, bath and toilet – come in nine colourways that share the same waterproof, dirt-repellant material.

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Small Living Kitchens - islands by Falper

Small Living Kitchens – islands by Falper

Kitchen design company Falper has expanded its Small Living Kitchens concept with a kitchen island that contains a myriad of functionalities.

Small Living Kitchens – islands have integrated storage and appliances and come in a range of finishes, from stainless steel to marble.

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Amore translucent resin bath by Lusso

Amore translucent resin bath by Lusso

British bathroom brand Lusso has released a capsule-shaped bathtub made from translucent resin.

Amore comes in two finishes – a dark colour called Smoked Black and a jewel-toned red called Rich Amber – and represents a playful departure from the brand's usual marble and stone products.

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Chrome wall-mounted tap over a cream sink with a vase of leaves

Bathroom taps by Varied Forms

Bathroom fittings company Varied Forms has created a collection of taps and shower controls with handles that contain modular elements that the user can switch between.

Bathroom taps have metallic elements available in a range of finishes as well as changeable segments that also come in metallic as well as stone and block colour finishes.

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Shelf extractor hood by Falmec

Shelf extractor hood by Falmec

Italian kitchen design company Falmec has created a 120-centimetre-long extractor fan integrated into a 10-centimetre-thick shelf.

Shelf has a fan for regulating cooking fumes and can be used for storage and display purposes with additional modules available for further personalisation.

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BetteAir shower tiles

BetteAir shower trays by Tesseraux & Partner for Bette

Tesseraux & Partner teamed up with bathroom brand Bette on a shower tray that integrates flush into the floor.

BetteAir shower trays come in a range of size formats and 31 colourways with the option to apply additional anti-slip coating.

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Kitchen island with open drawer in bright room

Daylight kitchen island by Space Theory

Kitchen company Space Theory has designed a freestanding minimalistic kitchen island that has fully reconfigurable internal components.

Daylight has capacity to contain appliances, specialised storage solutions and shallow drawers that allow light and air to pass through.

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Atlante panelling and kitchen island by L'ottocento

Atlante kitchen by L'Ottocento

Design consultancy makethatstudio and Italian company L'Ottocento have created a system of timber panelling for the kitchen that seamlessly contains storage and utilities.

Atlante kitchen has options to integrate both pocket and pull-out doors and has concealed grips for a continuous cohesive panelling effect.

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BS47x combi-steam oven 400 series by Gaggenau

Combi-steam oven 400 series by Gaggenau

Kitchen applicance manufacturer Gaggenau has released an oven that utilises steam rather than hot air to cook food.

According to the brand, the Combi-steam oven 400 series is better at retaining the nutrients in food throughout the cooking process than traditional ovens.

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Atrio Private Collection tapware by Grohe

Three Hole Basin Mixer tap by Grohe

German bathroom company Grohe has released  Atrio Private Collection, a range that includes tapware characterised by flowing, curved lines and customisable finishes.

The Three Hole Basin Mixer tap shares the hallmarks of the range and can be specified to suit a wide spectrum of bathroom designs.

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