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Soda coffee table from Miniforms in amethyst

Soda coffee table by Miniforms among 13 new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: a bulbous coffee table made from one hand-blown piece of Murano glass is among 13 new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Soda coffee table by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

Soda coffee table by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

Greek designer Yiannis Ghikas and Italian furniture brand Miniforms have added two new colours to their collaborative range of coffee tables that were originally released in 2020.

Soda tables now come in amethyst and blue coloured glass finishes, which join the existing amber and petrol-green colourways.

Soda was recently featured on Dezeen Showroom alongside a series of neutral geometric rugs designed by British architect David Chipperfield and a statement lighting fixture made from ingot-shaped glass blocks.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

Tegal rug in a living room

Tegel rugs by David Chipperfield for Kasthall

Swedish brand Kasthall worked with British architect David Chipperfield on the design of a rug collection that references the facades of the Kasthall's historic factory buildings.

Tegel rugs come in three blocky patterns and are available in seven muted and earthy colourways. The rugs are all made from wool, which gives them depth and tactility.

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Suspended Piola lighting by Italamp

Piola lighting by Danilo De Rossi for Italamp

Designer Danilo De Rossi collaborated with Italian brand Italamp to create a statement lighting piece comprising vertical metal poles and horizontal glass bars with speckles of bubble-like inclusions.

Piola is designed to be installed centrally in a space to create a strikingly tall feature that celebrates both glass craftsmanship and state of the art lighting technology.

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Constellation by David Rockwell for Lasvit

Constellation lighting by David Rockwell for Lasvit

Lighting design brand Lasvit and American architect David Rockwell have created a collection of lighting that takes cues from the celestial motifs found on the ceiling mural of New York City's Grand Central Terminal.

Constellation includes wall-mounted lights, a floor lamp, a table lamp and ceiling fixtures.

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Alted H01 tile by Berta Julià Sala for Alted Materials

Alted H01 tiles by Berta Julià Sala for Alted Materials

Spanish product designer Berta Julià Sala designed a surface tile for her brand Alted Materials that is made from waste paper.

Alted H01 tiles are suitable for use on walls and ceilings in interiors and can be specified in three different surface patterns as well as a spectrum of earthy colours.

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Mass outdoor furniture by Todd Bracher for Gandia Blasco

Mass outdoor furniture by Todd Bracher for Gandia Blasco

Spanish design brand Gandia Blasco and New York-based designer Todd Bracher have released a collection of modular outdoor furniture designed to be lightweight as well as robust.

The Mass range consists of five modules that can be rearranged to suit a myriad of social settings with a timeless and simple design that can integrate into any environment.

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Orange and grey carpet tiles with a blue chair and curtains

Bolon Studio flooring by Bolon

Sweden-based design brand Bolon has created a range of carpet tiles designed to be mixed and matched.

Bolon Studio flooring comes in geometric shapes, including hexagons, diamonds, triangles, chevrons, rectangles and curved shapes in a selection of lively colours.

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Aerial view of yellow Mass table by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Mass table by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Australian furniture brand Derlot and designer Alexander Lotersztain have released a reinterpretation of a typical picnic bench that has a durable steel and aluminium design.

Mass tables come flat-packed and can seat up to eight individuals, including people who use wheelchairs.

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Beige three-seater Lunetta sofa by Leolux

Lunetta sofa by Studiopepe for Leolux

A sofa intending to "embrace you like a blanket" was designed by Dutch design practice Studiopepe in collaboration with furniture brand Leolux.

The Lunetta sofa has a relaxed, informal appearance and features contrasting soft and harder cushions, tied together with edge piping.

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Argyle pendant lights by Rakumba over a dark wood table in a dining room

Argyle lighting collection by Nichetto Studio for Rakumba

Nichetto Studio and Australian lighting brand Rakumba have designed a range of lighting that takes cues from the faceted nature of diamonds.

Argyle comprises pendant, floor and table lamps made up of either single or multiple interlocking diamond shapes.

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Combus shelving system by Narbutas

Combus shelving system by Narbutas

Workplace furniture brand Narbutas have released a system of versatile wall-like items for offices that provide storage as well as zoning between areas.

Combus shelving is available with a plethora of customisation options, including inset planters, storage boxes and surface finishes.

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Heritage carpet tiles by Ruben De Reu for Modulyss

Heritage carpet tiles by Ruben De Reu for Modulyss

Belgian flooring company Modulyss has created a range of carpet tiles that take cues from Flemish landscapes.

Heritage carpet tiles come in five versions, each featuring a distinctive pattern that evokes different types of landscapes – from farmland to cobblestone.

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Outdoor seating on poolside terrace

Bolero outdoor furniture by Ivini

Chinese outdoor furniture brand Ivini has created a series of outdoor furniture that includes square and circular seating as well as matching geometric accessories.

Bolero comes in high and low-backed versions in a range of weatherproof upholstery.

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