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Lamps on stainless steel bases

Ten functional and elegant products and furniture designs made from metal

Dezeen Showroom: we've selected 10 products and furniture designs made from stainless steel, aluminium and chrome-finished metal listed on Dezeen Showroom.

Originally confined to industrial buildings, restaurant kitchens and street furniture, metallic furniture and accessories entered the mainstream of interior design in the 1950s in line with the rise of mid-century modern design.

By the late 20th century, metal had become a popular choice of material for furniture in domestic interiors thanks to its timeless appearance, durability and how it can be easily cleaned.

Metal can be finished in a range of ways including brushing, hammering and polishing that resulting in matt, dappled and highly reflective surfaces.

The pieces in this selection include a chair made up of stainless steel balls by Shepherd Studio, a tiered table made from hand-finished stainless steel by Furn Object and crimped aluminium door handles by Derlot.

Read on to see our top picks of metallic products, lighting and furniture designs listed on Dezeen Showroom:

Silver handles on brushed metal drawer

Kink door handles by Martin Mogilski for Derlot

Designer Martin Mogilski worked with Australian brand Derlot on a range of door handles and drawer pulls that have crimped corners formed by a sheet metal press.

Kink door handles are made from aluminium and come in green, red, black and white as well as a metallic brushed finish that recalls the product's materiality.

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Shiny metallic chairs stacked up in white room

Aluminium Week-End outdoor furniture by Petite Friture

French design brand Petite Friture has added a chair with a silvery finish to its preexisting range of Week-End outdoor furniture.

Aluminium Week-End shares the original range's stackable design and lightweight aluminium makeup, however leaves it with a utilitarian finish that is true to the material.

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Sfera bowl by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Derlot's Sfera bowl was created by designer Alexander Lotersztain with a slanted profile that presents its contents at an angle.

The bowl can be used for both food presentation and household items such as keys and comes in white, gold or silver.

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Alima trolley by Note for &Tradition

Scandinavian studio Note designed a versatile trolley for furniture company &Tradition that can be used in both domestic and hospitality environments.

The functional Alima trolley has one perforated and one barred shelf for storage and sits on castors. Finishes include chrome with oak or walnut wood segments that balance the industrial with the natural.

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Silver Liquid Table with three table tops by Fürn

Liquid Table by Furn Object

Ukrainian furniture brand Furn Object designed an elegant table made entirely from stainless steel that includes three circular tabletops supported by three uprights connected by horizontal bars.

Liquid Table's tabletops have a mottled, three-dimensional finish that recalls the rippling surface of water in contrast to the smooth orbs that create its feet.

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Citron lamp by Tongqi Lu Design

Shanghai-based studio Tongqi Lu Design created a mood light that mimics the shape of a lemon sitting on a plate.

The aptly named Citron lamp comprises a wax-cast light with a textural surface sat on a metal dish that contrasts the light's organic form and bounces light around the space.

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Arrondi tap collection by Conran and Partners for Vado

Arrondi tap collection by Conran and Partners for VADO

British brand VADO worked with Conran and Partners on a series of bulbous faucets and taps with a hand-polished chrome finish.

Arrondi tap collection contains faucets with both separate and integrated levers and controls that come in both cross-head and straight handles that share the same gleaming finish.

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Small Living Kitchens – islands by Falper

Kitchen and bathroom design brand Falper created a series of kitchen islands specifically designed for small spaces that integrate multiple functions into one self-contained item.

The islands in the Small Living Kitchens collection comes in three finish options including stainless steel, which recalls the hygiene and functionalism of restaurant kitchens.

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Tila chair by Shepherd Studio

Tila chair by Shepherd Studio

Furniture company Shepherd Studio has created a chair made up of 210 hand-finished stainless steel spheres.

Tila chair has a rounded, balloon-like frame and the gaps between the orbs that make up and back and seat have subtle gaps between them, allowing light to pass through and reflect at the same time.

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Reflect kitchen by Jean Nouvel for Reform

Architect Jean Nouvel collaborated with Copenhagen-based kitchen brand Reform on the design of self-contained kitchens featuring drawer fronts with ridges that bounce light around the room.

All-metal Reflect kitchen come in two finishes including one characterised by untreated metal with stainless steel countertops.

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