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Six pioneering designers shortlisted for the Bentley Lighthouse Award

Dezeen has announced the Bentley Lighthouse Award shortlist for this year's Dezeen Awards, which includes Atelier Luma's Jan Boelen and Radiant Matter's Elissa Brunato.

The Bentley Lighthouse Award recognises designers who are curious and courageous in their approach, and whose work has had a beneficial impact on social and environmental sustainability, inclusivity or community empowerment.

The designers in the running for a Bentley Lighthouse Award are behind projects such as bioplastic sequins made from tree cellulose, a leather alternative made from pineapple waste and a car-mounted device to capture microplastic emissions from tyres.

Other projects by the shortlisted names include a workspace made from locally sourced bio-waste, a biodegradable tablecloth made from seaweed textile and paper made from seaweed byproducts.

All Dezeen Awards 2023 shortlisted projects revealed

The Bentley Lighthouse Award was nominated and shortlisted by Dezeen Awards judges and Dezeen's editorial team.

Dezeen Awards 2023, in partnership with Bentley Motors, revealed all shortlisted projects this week. The architecture, interiors, design, sustainability and Designer of the Year shortlists were published earlier this week.

All shortlisted Bentley Lighthouse Award names are listed below, each with a link to a dedicated page on the Dezeen Awards website, where you can find an image and more information about the name.

The winner of each category will be announced at our party in November.

Read on for the full Bentley Lighthouse Award shortlist:

Siobhan Anderson, Hugo Richardson and Hanson Cheng
The Tyre Collective

Siobhan Anderson, Hugo Richardson and Hanson Cheng are the founders of British startup The Tyre Collective.

Accelerating the shift toward zero-emission mobility, The Tyre Collective leads an effort to capture and monitor tyre wear to tackle vehicle pollution.

Its patent-pending technology uses electrostatic – the study of slow-moving or stationary electric charges – and airflow to capture the tyre particles that are released through friction when cars break or turn a corner, for example.

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Elissa Brunato

Elissa Brunato
Radiant Matter

Designer Elissa Brunato is the founder of biomaterials company Radiant Matter.

Informed by nature, Radiant Matter engineers bioplastics to help the textile industry reduce its environmental impact by reducing microplastic pollution, toxic colourants and fixatives.

Its BioSequin, made from natural cellulose, is part of the company's mission to shift industry dependence on petroleum-derived plastics, metals, and minerals as a colour material resource.

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Carmen Hijosa
Ananas Anam

Carmen Hijosa is the founder of low-impact textile solution brand Ananas Anam.

The company's products Piñatex and Piñayarn are made from cellulose fibres extracted from pineapple plant leaves, a waste product of pineapple harvests.

By repurposing agricultural waste into natural textiles, Ananas Anam also introduces new jobs in rural areas, while providing a second and diversified income stream for pineapple farmers.

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Jan Boelen
Atelier Luma

Jan Boelen is the founder and artistic director of circular design and biomaterials lab Atelier Luma in the south of France.

The multidisciplinary studio is an experimental laboratory for Luma Arles, an arts centre that features a stainless steel-clad tower designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry.

Atelier Luma also functions as a cooperative platform, working with local farmers, artisans and manufacturers to develop sustainable, community-driven solutions. Over the years, it has expanded its global reach by taking part in European projects and assisting other institutions in their research.

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Bonnie Hvillum

Bonnie Hvillum
Natural Material Studio

Bonnie Hvillum is the founder of Copenhagen-based design practice Natural Material Studio.

The Danish design and research studio creates products using its own-developed biomaterials. Earlier this year, Hvillum spoke to Dezeen about the potential materials have to reshape our perspective on the world.

Previous designs by the studio range from bio-foam chairs in Ukurant Objects exhibition to bio-textiles made from brick waste at this year's Milan design week.

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Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier

Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier are the founders of sustainable packaging start-up Notpla.

Notpla, an abbreviation of 'not plastic', creates biodegradable all-natural packaging solutions from seaweed and plants. Each product responds to a specific plastic problem across multiple industries, such as electronics, fashion, cosmetics and food.

Products by the start-up include Ooho, an edible bubble designed to replace plastic bottles, and Notpla Coating, a coating with the same grease and water-resistant qualities of traditional coatings used in takeaway food packaging.

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