Baochao Hutong Mirror Yard
by DAGA Architects

Jin Weiqi

Baochao Hutong Mirror Yard innovatively uses mirrors on the ground of the courtyard to extend the space and reflect the surrounding scenery into the courtyard.

Mirror glass is used on the ground and walls of the yard.

The unique reflectivity of the material allows the surrounding hutongs, trees, and sky to be reflected on the ground of the yard, which brings more possibilities to space. This kind of interaction between virtual and reality is more prominent. The small courtyard is only about 12 planes, showing a long and narrow shape. The glass mirrors of the ground and walls enlarge the area of the courtyard visually. When the owner steps into the door, she will be surrounded by the perspective effect of specular reflection.

This project has been longlisted in the housing project category of Dezeen Awards 2021.

Architect: DAGA Architects
Project: Baochao Hutong Mirror Yard

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