Jolie Studio

Jolie Studio Interior, Photo Billy Bolton

Longlisted for Dezeen Awards 2021 emerging interior design studio of the year, Jolie Studio is an interior design studio, bringing a unique blend of sensory-led and sustainability-driven design.

Founded in 2018, Jolie was born of a shared desire to change the way we consider interior architecture and spaces, moving away from the traditional, trend-driven aesthetic approach and towards a more embodied, human-centred and multi-sensory experience.

Jolie Studio designs offices, homes and commercial spaces to lift spirits, enrich lives and enhance performance, all with the senses and sustainability in mind. We play a critical role in the regeneration and creation of residential property developments, as well as designing game-changing workplaces that increase productivity.

This project has been longlisted in the emerging interior design studio of the year category of Dezeen Awards 2021.

Designer Jolie Studio

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