Dezeen’s top ten: shops


This month's top ten features Dezeen's most popular stories about retail projects. In first place is Shop in a church by Merkx + Girod Architecten.

2: at number two is Ann Demeulemeester Shop in Seoul by Mass Studies.


3: in third place is Derek Lam store in New York by Japanese architects SANAA.


4: fourth most clicked-on is Ayres Store in Buenos Aires by Dieguez Fridman Arquitectos & Asociados.


5: Jewellery Mayrhofer by Xarchitekten in Linz, Austria, is our fourth most popular story about retail.


6: in sixth position is Snog frozen yogurt shop by Cinimod Studio.


7: next is Mission Bicycle Store in San Francisco by Grayscaled Design.


8: Taschen bookstore in London by Philippe Starck is in eighth position.


9: Sophia bookshop and publishing house by Nicos Kalogirou and Evangelos Kotsioris makes it to ninth place.


10: Tallinn clothes shop 2.MOOD by VLS Interior Architecture is our tenth most popular story about a shop.

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  • Isabelle

    Very inspiring!

  • Last year we went to Holland on vacation and made a stop in Maastricht. The bookshop/church is AMAZING! I am really happy I saw it. We even bough a book there :D

  • our-mikey

    For all those interested in retail – and visiting Paris soon – pop along to new store MERCI.
    Located at 111, Boulevard Beau Marchais – this is a delightful and inspring space. The way retail should be!

  • rafael

    the sanaa shop in new york is really weak, even cheaper and more half baked than the new museum.

  • Katrin

    the ayres shop in buenos aires looks pretty cool on photos… but entering the shop you really get mislead by the big gesture of the ramps… you can only walk up to the first floor… the ramp to the second floor leads to a storage room and as a customer you have to step down an unassuming staircase in the back of the store to continue the circuit… maybe it was not intended like this by the architects and the company just uses the premises in an unadequate way… but even this would point to a not quite properly fulfilled job by the architects… though still a nice project…