Dezeen's top ten: lighting



For this month's top ten we've compiled our most popular stories about lighting from the last year. In pole position are these intricately-cut paper lanterns by London designer Yu Jordy Fu.


2: architect Zaha Hadid takes second place with her light called Genesy for Artemide, launched in Milan in April.


3: third most popular was a lamp made of reflective material, normally used for safety clothing, by Icelandic designer Kristín Birna Bjarnadóttir.


4: a lighting installation in a frozen yogurt shop by London designers Cinimod Studio was fourth most-viewed.

5: Shanghai designer Zhili Liu's series of lighting inspired by birds was our fifth most popular story about lighting this year.


6: our story about lighting exhibited by Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans in Milan was sixth most-clicked.

7: an exhibition of lighting at the V&A museum in London during the London Design Festival, called In Praise of Shadows, comes in seventh.


8: in eighth position is a condom for light bulbs, created by German lighting designer Ingo Maurer in protest against European guidelines banning frosted incandescent bulbs.

9: in ninth place is this desk lamp that can be used as a light box by Hung-Ming Chen of Swedish design studio Hommin and Stockholm designer Ninna Kapadia.


10: a collaboration between fashion brand Diesel and Italian lighting company Foscarini is in tenth place.

That’s it for this month.

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  • BRian

    Seeing Zaha’s light in Milan, I was VERY disappointed!

    First of all, the light output is hardly visible, a minute sliver in an otherwise bulky and overbuilt chassis. It is like pouring reinforced concrete to support a feather!!!!!!

    I guess that the form is something she will try and auction at phillips depury or Sothebys!

    The point of light is just that- to illuminate. The lamp is an afterthought in this case!!


    Industrial Designer

  • Thank you for your blog. (excuse my english !)

  • hans

    Totally agree with Brian, Hadid's is a very sorry excuse for a lamp, obviously trying to ride the wave of design art, and failing miserably.
    She'd do well to stick to buildings.

  • All the designs are incredible & beautiful. I like the 2 No. design Genesy for Artemide, it's unique & different.