Lancaster by Michael Young for Emeco


Milan 2010: Hong Kong designer Michael Young has designed a collection of wood and aluminum furniture for design brand Emeco, which will be presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this April.

Called Lancaster, the collection is made of cast aluminum seats and backs combined with carved ash legs.

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Here is some more information from Emeco:


Emeco Collaborates with Michael Young on Lancaster, a New Collection, and a New Esthetic

Emeco, The Aluminum Chair Company, will present a new furniture collection by British designer Michael Young at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, April 14 – 19 in Milan. The collection of stacking chairs, barstools and tables is Emeco’s first foray into component-based design incorporating cast aluminum seats and backs with carved ash-wood legs. The ash-wood components are made by Emeco’s partner, an Amish factory in nearby Lancaster County PA, providing the collection its name, Lancaster.

“I have worked extensively with the aluminum manufacturing process recently, and with some of the best equipped factories in Asia. I was looking at the ways to join other materials with aluminum over the last few years and thinking about a chair, “explained Mr. Young.

“My work with the bicycle manufacturer, Giant, pushed me away from using standard section metal tubing. The sculptural form of the chair leg could only be made in wood. When I found that Emeco has partnered with a remarkable wood factory, the project gelled. It is an immense privilege to work with the Emeco family, I am sincerely proud in a way I have not felt previously. And I do feel the project fits me well with my love for and industrial heritage and what I consider to be the real thing.

I feel passionate about working with natural materials that live for ever; wood and metal are really the materials that connect to the human so there was no question that the richness of their aging processes is a prefect combination I felt would be contrasting in the Emeco collection. I felt that using wood would create a softer edge to a product whilst the aluminum would keep to sophistication and heritage.

For me the new chair was much needed, not as a vanity but as good sold piece of industrial hardware for both domestic and contract markets.”

Lancaster features an indestructible, cast aluminum seat and back in dark anodized and machine polished finishes. The wood legs are available in natural ash-wood and dark stain ash-wood. The chairs stack six high and are available in May 2010.

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  • Dork

    I think I like this (very much).

    Michael is getting a pretty impressive portfolio.

  • there’s something very special about Michael Young’s design: i find it quite masculine yet very elegant. his work brings back the pure form of objects. it’s fascinating the way he plays and combines materials and detail. his work breaths charm.
    looking forward to seeing (and touching) them in Milan.

  • fish fingers

    Nice .. glad to see MY has reinvented himself in the last 2yrs- thought his designs were looking a bit same same up to then .. (what happened?)

  • horrible haridas

    very desirable products… its all that really matters after the press hype and big names have faded and there is just the user, the product and the relationship between them.

  • portionspread

    michael is back. was looking pretty dire there for a while but it looks like he has switched his brain on again. This is simple and unobtrusive. well done.

  • Nice one Michael.

    very clear message and execution.


  • Obscurity

    The new combination of wood and aluminum looks modern and its form beautiful. I love this Lancaster collection in the photos

    Young claimss “wood and metal are really the materials that connect to the human… “. I just wonder whether the metal seat is really human-friendly when put to use in a hot, humid snd sweating climate.

  • archie

    obscurity you are clutching at straws. if this is the case. discount %90 of seating to date.

  • poptunes

    earth wind and fire i think is the word …… materials the age well it what we all need and i am sure this will

  • Obscurity

    On a hot day, far from Lancaster, I found where you perspire the most after sitting for hours on a similarly saddled seat of an all wooden Windsor chair. Next time I’ll make sure to choose a chair with a rattan seat.

  • NICO

    @obscurity: my thoughts exactly. although i really do love the design, the realist in me can’t help but think of sitting on it in the morning and having that cold (or hot) aluminum press up against my back haha. doesn’t change the fact that i want this. the details are so cleanly executed and simple.

  • tanya telford – T

    these remind me of St Johns restaurant, (Farringdon, London – not just the food, the interior, building etc) not sure why…….., maybe its that they seem to have something innately salt of the earth about them and at the same time look relevant and contemporary. I wonder if they will become classics, thinking there’s a possibility,

  • sean

    michael young’s timepiece collections are quite amazing too .. check out his site or

  • This is really a wonderfull chair by Michael Young and EMECO! The combination of wood & casted metall is brilliant! But how much does one chair cost? Does anyone know this?