Bastogne by ADN Architectures


ADN architects of Belgium have completed the refurbishment of a house in La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium, painting both the new plaster and original shale walls in white to exaggerate the different textures.

Called Bastogne, the house utilises large white curtains to separate rooms and features exposed black cables hanging from the ceiling.

The kitchen and bathroom contain black blinds and polished-concrete work surfaces.

Here is some more information from the architects:


To achieve a tension and duality between the existing situation and the foreseen intervention, the atmosphere is deliberately oriented towards streamlining, with a work on raw materials and an abstraction of spaces through the colour white.

One of the envisioned goals of the design is to highlight the “materiality” of the two shale dividing walls, the fitting and lime mortar grouting of which attest the history of the building.

The appearance of shale, the building’s main raw material, is made abstract behind the white paint coating.

The intent is to emphasize the rough feel of the texture, as opposed to the smoothness of the plastering, the concrete and the floors.

Program: Refurbishment of a traditional house
Client: Private
Location: La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium
Principal architects: adn Architectures
Project team: David Henquinet, Nicolas Iacobellis, Didier Vander Heyden
Floor area: 140 m2
Start of planning: 2007
Completion: 12/2009
Cost: 100.000 €

Posted on Friday February 12th 2010 at 6:00 am by Chris Barnes. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Damien

    maybe they could have saved some money on white paint and spent it to open some windows in what looks lack a blind home in these photos ?

  • wasps

    i want to touch every surface! so tactile. i especially like the painted shale walls, that not every bit is painted but some is left, adds a depth.

  • anel


  • kaptnk

    Agree with Damien.

    More photos of outside and floor plan would be appreciated.
    This is mainly just pictures of white paint.

    Very hard surfaces too.

  • dominique

    Almost everything looks great. – Painting the masonry walls, however, for the sake of “materiality” seems utterly counter-productive to me.

    Someone give the design team a gold medal! (painted white)


    grat house …but very cold to live there(conrete is beautifully in exterior but to apply it very much in interior.,,,,

  • bebo

    it looks very depresing for acold country…why all white?

  • Citoyen Sade

    the layout looks like a hollow Acropolis Museum.

  • majchers

    Interesting concept of renovation. Good job. Too bad we cannot see exterior elevations as well.
    @ bebo – white? well, I think that once this house will fill out with everyday things the whole interior will soften up and be more pleasant and warmer.