Baufrica by Muungano

Stockholm 2010: Swedish designers Muungano are exhibiting a collection of furniture that combines African colours and patterns with the aesthetics of the Bauhaus movement at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Modular elements made of ash wood, lacquered tubular steel and felt upholstery can be connected in different ways to create chairs, sofas, lamps and tables.

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Here's some more information from the designers:



German functionalism from the nineteen twenties with funk from West-Africa.

The Swedish design studio Muungano has produced a collection of furniture called Baufrica, now shown at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The studio has for a couple of years worked with projects in or related to parts of Africa. Now we have brought the African colour and pattern tradition and mixed it up with the forms and functionalism of the Bauhaus-school.

The pattern of the lamps are inspired by a lecture with mathematician Ron Eglash, where he talks about how African villages are structured according to fractal number series. The used pattern is based on the so called Sierpinski triangle. With the use of todays low-energy light sources you get an unpleasent white light. This is filtered through the ash-veneer to make it softer and cosier and it is not until you turn on the lamp the pattern apears.

The furniture is based on a modular system in waxed ash and multi-coloured lacqueered tubular steel, and upholstery with grey felt. The different components can be made into an easy-chair, sofa, table or a lamp.

About Muungano:

Muungano is an award-winning designstudio with focus on products for domestic and public space. Muungano consists of designer Peter Thuvander and architect Martin Hedenström. By working with care and empathy in the design process the studio wants to unit idea and function with a direct expression. With insight into the needs of the client and user Muungano guides new products from concept to production. Currently the studio has the whiskey set Rocket for Reijmyre glassworks in production and Husmus, containers for collecting household recycling.

Muungano at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010, V03:11.