Dezeen’s top ten: bikes


Dezeen's top ten: bikes

This month's top ten is all about cycling so here's a roundup of our top ten most popular stories about bicycles, tricycles and monowheels.


1: at number one is Ben Wilson's monowheel, where the rider sits inside one wheel without spokes.


2: in second place is Veloheld, a pared-down bicycle for cycling in the city by German designers


3: third most clicked-on is Moof, an aluminium bicycle by Dutch designer Sjoerd Smit for Areaware.

4: the Batavus Uitlity Bike by Eindhoven designers VanBerlo has a frame inspired by a paperclip.

2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

5: Biomega's range of five city bikes for sports brand Puma are in fifth place.


6: at number six is Michael Young's Cityspeed, an urban bike for Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer Giant.

7: next up is IDEO's Aquaduct tricycle that filters water as the rider pedals.


8: this bicycle with a roof by Swedish designer Torkel Dohmers is eighth most popular.


9: ninth place goes to Alta One bike for city cycling by Frost Produkt, Norway Says and Bleed.

10: and our tenth most popular story about cycling is Moritz Waldemeyer's joyrider, with smiling illuminated faces on its wheels.

That's all for now - another top ten coming up next month.

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  • f(x)istheBest

    TheCoolHunter is designing their own line of bikes. They look awesome

  • Capstick

    The first one reminds me a South Park episode ….

  • Moof bike it’s a copy of my bike.

    look “Plus” Bike by Fabio Bortolani Ermanno Righi

    Best regard

    fabio Bortolani

  • Fish fingers

    a couple of nice bikes there (M Young’s) but wd like to see Dezeen celebrating iconic designs (ie Moulton) rather than patchy concepts.

  • Mark Wiechmann

    No love for the Peugot B1K concept bike?

  • position chrome

    haha southpark comment.

  • u guyz. where is TREK fx7.7? where is the “gocycle”…?

  • loop

    fabio, your bike looks better!

  • yovkov
  • chrisr

    regarding Fabio’s “plus” bike CONCEPT vs the Moof bike which is actually in production….. If I wanted a bike to actually ride I’d take the Moof, if I wanted a bike to pose with that would compliment my sunglasses I’d take the plus.

  • Here a really nice city bike by charles seuleusian.

  • Sep
  • DMW

    You do realise that these stories may have been popular because people were virtually pointing and laughing?

    Certainly in some cases, it’s quite clear that the designers know nothing about cycling.

    if you want beautifully made bicycles, perhaps you’d like to look at Storck or Vanilla or Moulton or Velokraft and so many more. Mike Burrows is also far more advanced in terms of bike design than any generic pretenitous designer who just happens to have put his signature on a bike.

  • Jakob

    I would like a motorized #1 =)