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"Start-ups look to the crowd"
- New York Times

Dezeen Wire:
New York Times technology reporter Jenna Wortham investigates how crowd-funding site Kickstarter is changing industrial design - New York Times

The article focusses on the success story of the Pebble watch , which has to date received a record-breaking $7,718,678 of pledges through the platform with 17 days still to go. See our story about it here.

Read more about Kickstarter on Dezeen here and watch an interview about crowd-sourcing and open design with Domus editor-in-chief Joseph Grima here.

"Pebble smartwatch breaks Kickstarter’s $3.3 million record with a month still to go" - TNW

Dezeen Wire:
a concept for a watch that syncs up to an iPhone or Android device has received over $3.4 million worth of funding on internet platform Kickstarter, breaking the site's existing record with a month still to go - TNW

Designed by Californian start-up company Pebble Technology, the Pebble E-Paper Watch will discreetly alert you to incoming calls, emails and messages on your phone with a gentle vibration and has currently received backing from over 23,000 people.

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