Philippe Malouin installs swing set inside Milanese palazzo

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Philippe Malouin installs swing set inside grand Milanese palazzo

Milan 2015: visitors to a Neoclassical palazzo in Milan were invited to play on swings created by London designer Philippe Malouin using quartz surface material Caesarstone (+ slideshow).

Philippe Malouin Caesarstone swings

The grand hall of Palazzo Serbelloni served as the backdrop for the Caesarstone Movements interactive installation during Milan design week.

Malouin developed the swing set as a way of presenting the different colour varieties of Caesarstone – a synthetic stone more commonly used for kitchen worktops.

Philippe Malouin Caesarstone swings

"For me the starting point was the exploration of the material," said Malouin. "We therefore focused on spending time in the workshop, except, this was not an ordinary workshop, but a fully equipped quartz surface transformation facility."

Philippe Malouin Caesarstone swings

The idea was originally shown as a circular set of 12 swings at the Interior Design Show in Toronto earlier this year.

For Milan, Malouin created a line of eight swings hung in a line from ropes attached to a thin steel frame.

Philippe Malouin Caesarstone swings

Supported by angled posts, the structure spanned the length of Palazzo Serbelloni's gilded hall.

Each rectangular seat was formed from a different variation of Caesarstone that was repeated as a strip of flooring below the paths of the swings.

Philippe Malouin Caesarstone swings

The Canada-born designer also created a collection of 20 geometric planters, which were shown in an adjacent room.

These were presented on a large plinth and filled with tropical plants, creating a contrast with the ornately decorated space.

Philippe Malouin Caesarstone planters

"Caesarstone is an extremely versatile material that is easy to predict and work with, and it offers a variety of colours and finishes," said the designer. "I therefore experimented with a series of techniques and applications ranging from the mundane to the more experimental."

Philippe Malouin Caesarstone planters

The installation took place from 14 to 19 April at Palazzo Serbelloni, Corso Venezia 16.

Photography is by Tom Mannion.