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Onomo's "magic compass" uses LEDs to guide cyclists

London startup Onomo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the release of its Haize compass, which uses flashing and colour-changing lights to direct cyclists to their destination (+ slideshow).

Haize compass by Onomo

The Haize bicycle compass aims to address challenges faced by cyclists navigating across the city, by providing a minimal interface that clearly communicates directions without becoming a distraction – as a map or app might be.

The circular compass is made of machined aluminium and has a glass screen with a display that resembles a target.

Haize compass by Onomo

The user sets their destination via the Haize companion smartphone app, and an LED light moves around the circumference of the compass to point toward's the cyclist's final goal.

A central glowing LED also changes colour from red to green and flashes faster to indicate the distance from the final destination.

Haize compass by Onomo

"We wanted to create a simple, affordable and easy to use product that will help find your way through the city," said Onomo co-founder Javier Soto Morras.

"Haize works like a magic compass, but instead of pointing north it points to your final destination - in that way you are free to choose your own route through the city."

Haize compass by Onomo

The compass clips to the bike's handlebar with an attached band. With a diameter of 42.5 millimetres and a width of 10 millimetres, it is also small enough to be stored in a pocket when not in use.

The company claims the battery in the device can last up to two weeks, and is recharged via USB.

Haize compass by Onomo

Onomo hopes Haize will offer cyclists a new experience for the city, allowing them to uncover previously unknown routes and locations on the way to their final location.

"We set out to develop a navigation device for cyclists that is both simple, beautiful and intuitive to use," commented Morras. "All of the Onomo team being active cyclists ourselves, this is really a passion project to solve a personal problem as much as solving a problem for all cyclist everywhere.”

Haize compass by Onomo

Onomo's Kickstarter campaign launched on 28 October 2015 and continues until 8 December 2015. The company is seeking £50,00 to put the compass into production, with almost £20,000 already raised at time of publication.

Canadian company CycleLabs recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign for its SmartHalo bike attachment, which also pairs with a smartphone to help cyclists navigate, track routes and prevent theft.