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Dezeen's top 10 gadgets of 2015

Dezeen's design editor Dan Howarth selects his pick of this year's gadgets, including concepts, prototypes and commercial products for cooking, cleaning, cycling and even masturbating (+ slideshow).

Haize by Onomo

Haize compass by Onomo

Onomo's Haize compass uses flashing and colour-changing lights to direct cyclists to their destination, linking to a GPS smartphone app.

A ring of LEDs point the user in the right direction while a central dot flashes faster to indicate the distance from the destination before changing colour upon arrival. Find out more about Haize »

Looncup by Loon Lab

Loon Cup by Loon Lab

Marketed as the "world's first smart menstruation cup", the Looncup links with a phone app to provide women with information about their periods.

The silicone cup collects menstrual flow as an alternative to disposable tampons or sanitary towels, similar to other reusable devices such as Mooncup. Find out more about Looncup »

Ferrolic clock by Zelf Koelman

Ferrolic by Zelf Koelman

The Ferrolic clock by Dutch designer Zelf Koelman spells out the time with magnetic ferrofluid under the control of electromagnets.

The black liquid – made up of suspended magnetic particles – is moved by the magnets in the shapes of the numbers, so the clock needs no mechanical parts. Find out more about the Ferrolic clock »

Radio Activity by Roper

Radio Activity by Gemma Roper

The Radio Activity device by Royal College of Art graduate Gemma Roper allows the user to stream music according to the pace and rhythm they want to listen to.

Sliding a circular aluminium dial up and down a vertical pole adjusts the desired tempo. The product then automatically selects tracks from the user's library on online music provider Spotify that match the tempo it is set to, and plays them when connected to speakers. Find out more about Radio Activity »

Hugging Toaster by Ted Wiles

Ted Wiles' Hugging Toaster

Also from this year's crop of RCA graduate projects, the Hugging Toaster only works when squeezed against the body.

Ted Wiles created the product as part of his Involuntary Pleasures collection, in which all the items require users to interact with them in ways that promote happiness and wellbeing. Find out more about the Hugging Toaster »

Antenna by Dmitry Morozov

Antenna police truncheon by Dmitry Morozov

Dmitry Morozov's prototype Antenna truncheon sends a text message with the words  "Mom, I hit a man" to the user's mother every time it is used, and was conceived as an attempt to reduce police brutality.

Morozov's concept works on the assumption that even the most aggressive people care about what their mothers think of their behaviour. Find out more about the Antenna baton »

Happaratus by Morten Gronning Nielsen

Happaratus by Morten Gronning Nielsen

RCA graduate Morten Grønning Nielsen created the Happaratus "power glove" to extend the capabilities of the hand as a sculpting tool.

Oscillating tips of the ends of the fingers can be used to sculpt hard materials like stone and wood by hand, and can be made in various shapes and different materials depending on the surface they are working on. Find out more about Happaratus »

Popcorn Monsoon by Jolene Carliers

Popcorn Monsoon by Jolene Carlier

This machine by Dutch designer Jolene Carlier spurts popcorn from the end of a glass tube into a bright yellow bowl when the snack is ready to eat.

Popcorn Monsoon comprises a pair of conical-shaped yellow bowls set into an oval wooden base – one heats to pop the corn while the other collects it. A curving glass tube fixed to the larger of the two receptacles delivers the popped corn into the smaller bowl. Find out more about Popcorn Monsoon »

Dolfi by Andre Fangueiro

Dolfi washing machine by Andre Fangueiro

Andre Fangueiro's small pebble-shaped Dolfi device uses ultrasonic sound waves to clean clothes.

The machine aims to remove the need for hand-washing clothes made from fabrics like silk, cashmere and lace that are easily damaged, as well as offer travellers a portable cleaning option. Find our more about Dolfi »

Wankband by Pornhub

Pornhub Wankband

Pornhub revealed a tongue-in-cheek concept design for a wristband that would generate energy from masturbation.

The fictional Wankband would create power when moved in a repetitive up-and-down motion. A description on Pornhub's website called it: "The first wearable tech that allows you to love the planet by loving yourself." Find out more about the Wankband »