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Five of the best houses in Wyoming on Dezeen

A house with a climbing wall up one side and a home wrapped around a giant boulder both feature in this Wyoming-focused edition of our series about residential architecture from different US states.

Boulder Retreat by Carney Logan Burke

Boulder Retreat in Wyoming by Carney Logan Burke

Wyoming architecture firm Carney Logan Burke designed this home on a rugged mountainside, which wraps around a giant boulder. Find out more about Boulder Retreat »

Safir Residence by Ward + Blake

Safir Residence in Wyoming by Ward + Blake

American firm Ward + Blake Architects completed this residence and guest house in western Wyoming, which features rustic materials and sweeping views of the surrounding mountains. Find out more about Safir Residence »

Shoshone Residence by Carney Logan Burke

Shoshone Residence by Carney Logan Burke

Carney Logan Burke also created this vacation estate for a New York family, which is oriented to provide dramatic views. Find out more about Shoshone Residence »

Wyoming Residence by Abramson Teiger

Wyoming Residence by Abramson Teiger

US studio Abramson Teiger created this rural Wyoming home that consists of low-lying volumes made of glass, concrete and weathering steel. Find out more about Wyoming Residence »

Cache Creek Residence by Carney Logan Burke

Cache Creek Residence in Wyoming by Carmody Logan Burke

A climbing wall runs up one side of this corrugated metal-clad house in Jackson – the third project in our roundup by Carney Logan Burke. Find out more about Cache Creek Residence »