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Martijn van Strien launches print-on-demand laptop sleeves to cut overproduction

Dutch designer Martijn van Strien's Makersleeve device cases are designed for production on-demand in any makerspace in the world.

The felt sleeves, which launched on Kickstarter earlier this month, are only made once they have been ordered.

This means they can be tailored to the individual size of different laptops, tablets or e-readers, and take minutes to produce.

Makersleeve kickstarter sustainable sleeve design

Van Strien's goal with Makersleeve is to cut down on wasteful overproduction.

"One of the biggest issues I see in the world is the pollution that comes from mass production," he added. "We create so many products many of which we don't need."

"These products end up in trash without ever being used. I wonder if this is normal. Have we accepted this or can we challenge this way of looking at the world?"

Makersleeve kickstarter sustainable sleeve design

The sleeves are self-assembled by threading arrow-shaped tabs on the side of the material into laser-cut slots.

Buyers input their own measurements online and send it to a local makerspace – from where it can either be collected or posted out.

Makersleeve kickstarter sustainable sleeve design

"By programming a design that is parametric and not fixed, we can create any size by the click of a button and you can get a perfect fit," said van Strien.

"The sleeves are laser-cut in smaller Makerspaces near you instead of huge factories in low-wage companies. This means we have no stock, no leftovers, and hardly any transport."

Makersleeve kickstarter sustainable sleeve design

It works on a similar principle to van Strien's Post-Couture Collective company, which lets consumers download, customise and self-assemble their own clothing designs.

Both initiatives are part of van Strien's interest in working towards "a world without overproduction".

The Makersleeves are available in four colours – either recycled acrylic felt in dark or light grey, and wool felt in blue or red.

Van Strien also claims the cases are durable, having spent the last year testing the sleeves on his and his team's laptops and tablets.

Makersleeve kickstarter sustainable sleeve design

Makersleeve is the designer's first crowdfunding campaign, and at the time of writing had reached €2,151 (£1920) of its €10,000 (£8950) goal.

Similar print-on-demand services have been used by Dutch brand Moooi for a range of photorealistic carpets, and by online platform Wovns, which developed a weaving process that allows designers to order Jacquard fabric in quantities as small as a single yard.