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10 homes that feature colour blocking

This week's roundup of popular images from Pinterest features 10 homes that demonstrate how colour blocking can be used to add personality to residential interiors.


House For Agnes, UK, by Tigg Coll Architects

Exposed I-beams in this London house in London were painted bright red by designer Tigg Coll Architects. They introduce a playful character into the property's otherwise traditional interior.

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Kennington House, UK, by R2 Studio

Blue, green and yellow all feature in the kitchen of this renovated 19th century house in London. The previously dark and narrow property also features a stairwell that graduates from red up to orange.

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Apartment AB, Austria, by Kombinat

Slovenian studio Kombinat added coloured tiles to the walls of this Vienna apartment to highlight storage areas. The kitchen wall features pastel green tiles behind shelving units, while blue and pink tiles line a hallway where the owners store their bikes.

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Chipinque Monterrey, Mexico, by Studio Jakob Gomez

A bold yellow storage area acts as the transition area between the living room and bedrooms of this 1970s apartment in Mexico. Architect Jakob Gomez chose the bright colour to make the space stand out.

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Fin House for Roksanda Ilincic, UK, by RA Projects

RA Projects introduced a bright blue steel staircase to contrast with the minimal interior of this London house. It was designed for fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic and her husband Philip Bueno de Mesquita – although the pair later decided to sell.

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Apartment Filippo, UK, by Studio Alexander Fehre

A fixed table and benches form the dining space in this London apartment by Studio Alexander Fehre. The seating is finished in bright crimson, creating a vivid contrast with the monochrome wallpaper.

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Piso Pereiv44, Spain, by Miel Arquitectos

Miel Arquitectos added various bold pops of colour to this bright apartment designed for visitors to Barcelona. The focal point of the space is a continuous wall interrupted by fluorescent green storage spaces.

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Basanaviciaus, Lithuania, by AKTA

The kitchen, dining and living room of this apartment in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius features colourful furniture, which are offset by black-metal details. Elements include green kitchen cabinets, a velvet blue sofa and a textured red chair.

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Tin House, UK, by Henning Stummel

Skylights illuminate the warm-hued rooms of Henning Stummel's self-designed London home. Rich orange cabinetry and walls feature throughout, chosen to complement the natural hue of the home's russet steel cladding.

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Canari House, Canada, by Naturehumaine

Canadian studio Naturehumaine transformed a 1930s building to create this contemporary home, and used colour-blocking to articulate circulation. The focal point of the interior is a stark black and yellow staircase with geometric cut-outs.

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