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Five designers tapping into the growing marijuana market

On 4/20, also known as "weed day", we've rounded up some of the best designs on offer from the fast-growing marijuana industry, including a minimal glass pipe and an app-controlled home growing system.

Called 420, the day of celebration reportedly originated from a group of people in San Rafael, California, known as the Waldos.

The Waldos used the term 420 in connection with the meet-up time they had when searching for an abandoned cannabis crop that they had learned about. Each week, they would gather at 4:20pm to search for the crop.

The term evolved into a codeword that many would use for marijuana-smoking in general, and is often seen in popular culture and mainstream media.

As a result, 20 April – the 20th day of the fourth month – has been embraced by pot smokers as an annual day of celebration.

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. The retail and wholesale marijuana market could reach nearly $11 billion (£7.6 billion) in annual revenue by 2019, according to Arc View – a California-based research firm.

In total, 23 American states have legalised marijuana use in some form. The majority only allow it for medicinal purposes, although recreational use is permitted in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington DC and Washington state.

Designers have begun to catch onto this gap in the market and are increasingly creating smoking accessories. Here's our pick of the top five:

Snoop Dogg

US rapper Snoop Dogg launched his Leafs line of edible cannabis products with packaging designed by Pentagram to skirt around US laws on controlled substances. The collection encompasses a variety of products containing cannabis, including chocolate bars, drops and gummy sweets, as well as boxes of flowers from various strains of the plant.

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Jamie Wolfond

Canadian designer Jamie Wolfond designed this simple glass pipe for smoking accessory brand Tetra. Crafted from borosilicate glass that doesn't conduct heat, the pipe features a short stem pointing downwards, a long stem from which the smoke is inhaled, and a shallow chamber to hold the user's substance of choice.

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Seattle startup Printabowl intended these water pipes for smoking potto be put on display rather than be hidden "in a shoebox under your bed". Each 3D-printed bong features a designs that references organic forms, such as angular crystals and rippling liquid.

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Canadian startup Grobo designed this app-controlled home growing system with the intention of making growing cannabis easier, and tailored it towards patients who rely on medicinal marijuana for pain management.

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Megan Stone

Megan Stone designs dispensaries, where cannabis is distributed for medical use, and shops, where it is sold legally. "My mission is to elevate the cannabis industry through professional retail design," said 31-year-old Stone, after setting up her studio in 2013.

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