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CK01 knife by Veark

Veark's CK01 knife is made from a single piece of steel

Danish brand Veark has developed a chef's knife that is manufactured using a drop-forged process that creates a unique texture on the handle of each product.

The Veark CK01 chef's knife was designed as an everyday kitchen tool that is made using an unusual process in the traditional knife-forging town of Solingen, Germany.

The product's main innovation is its single-piece construction, which creates a knife with a blade that is a continuation of the open handle. This makes it easier to grip precisely and also easier to wipe clean as there are no joints.

CK01 knife by Veark

The manufacturing process uses a drop-forging technique to stamp a glowing piece of red-hot stainless steel into a form that is sanded, hardened and sharpened by expert craftsmen.

The knife features on the shortlist for the Homeware category of the Dezeen Awards 2019, alongside products including a cooking pot that uses vacuum technology to keep food hot.

CK01 knife by Veark

The design for the Veark CK01 is founded on a belief that the knife is one of the most essential tools in the kitchen, and it should therefore evoke the utilitarian aesthetic of other common tools.

"Based on that idea we took visual cues from the world of traditional metal tools as inspiration for the appearance of our knives," said the product's creators.

CK01 knife by Veark

"Our aim was to create a piece that will generate its beauty and character from its raw appearance rather than by adding features like wood and rivets – less is more."

The drop-forging process leaves a raw, textured finish on the handle of each knife. This surface is unique for every product and provides a tactile element at the point where users will hold the knife.

The open handle is informed by the way professional chefs use their knives, with their thumb often lying on the blade for enhanced feel and precision.

The one-piece design makes it easy for the user to slide their thumb onto the blade and grip the knife at its balance point, which makes it possible to accurately control the cutting motion.

CK01 knife by Veark

Sharpness and durability were also key concerns when developing the product. A typical Solingen knife has a hardness rating of 55-56 Rockwell. The Veark CK01 achieves 58 Rockwell, which enables it to achieve improved sharpness and greater longevity.

Veark was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen by two friends, one from Denmark and one from Germany. The brand's name is an amalgamation of words from both languages that mean "work", which aims to reflect the act of creating something as "a work of art".

Other examples of innovative tools developed for use in the kitchen include a mortar and pestle that fit together perfectly and a product for cutting, de-stoning and slicing avocados.