Prepare for Valentine's Day with our new romantic restaurants Pinterest board

To get you in the mood for Valentine's Day we've created a new Pinterest board showcasing romantic restaurants. Venues featured include an elegant eatery inside a New York museum and a decadent Venetian dining space.

Ornately painted walls and velvet furnishings create a decadent setting for L'Avventura restaurant in Stockholm

The board also features a high-end restaurant in Copenhagen that projects glowing northern lights above diners and a dining space that boasts a similar atmosphere to a "lost palace".

The Beefbar steakhouse is located just off Champs Elysées in Paris

Other additions to the Pinterest board include a sumptuous steakhouse in Paris that features jewel tones and art nouveau wall panelling, as well as an intimate Italian restaurant located in a neglected 20th century cinema in Stockholm.

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