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The Palma ring by Unbound Babes is a waterproof sex toy disguised as piece of jewellery that can twist, tilt and be tapped to produce different vibrations.

Seven sex toys for solo play on Valentine's Day

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we've selected seven sex toys for solo pleasure, including a gender-neutral vibrator, a masturbation sleeve for trans men, and a sensation suit for disabled people.

Valentine's Day 2020 sex toy round up

Enby, by Wild Flower

Enby is a stingray-shaped vibrating toy designed to suit anybody, regardless of their gender. Silicon wings fan out either side of a central ridge, like a bike saddle, with grooves on the underside.

Wild Flower suggests three ways to use the Enby, which is named after the acronym for non-binary. Users can hump, or rub themselves against, the toy, curl the edges round to create a masturbation sleeve, or tuck it inside underwear or a harness.

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Valentine's Day 2020 sex toy round up

Fin by Dame

Fin is a small vibrator that fits neatly between two fingers, held in place by grooves and a flexible looped strap. It can be worn on the front of the fingers or flipped around to produce a different sensation.

Its size and shape make it ideal for enhanced clitoral stimulation, and it has two differently textured sides to the end to produce a variety of sensations.

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Wisp by Wan Tin Tseng

Wisp, by Wan Ting Tseng

Designed to be more subtly arousing than toys focused around penetration or orgasm, Wisp wearables mimic sensations such as light fingertip grazes or breath being blown across the skin.

To create the sense of being touched, silicone pads sit against the skin containing mini motors. Air blowers can also be attached to the skin or worn as a choker necklace.

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Valentine's Day 2020 sex toy round up

Ripple Suit by Hsin-Jou Huang, Szu-Ying Lai and Chia-Ning Hsu

People with restricted mobility can masturbate with the help of the Ripple Suit. The three-part system includes a bodysuit that is worn like a garment, an eye mask and a handheld remote.

A carer can assist with setting up the Ripple Suit and then give the user privacy. Inflatable cushions expand to create different sensations around the chest and thigh area, and pressure or vibration can be applied to the genitals, by remote control.

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Buck off sex toy

Buck Off by Buck Angel

The Buck Off is designed for people who have transitioned to male, or are in the process of doing so. Made from silicone composite, Buck Off is a combination of a masturbation sleeve and suction toy.

Trans activist Buck Angel designed the toy for trans men on testosterone who wanted to masturbate without experiencing dysphoria while touching their genitals.

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The Palma ring sex toy by Unbound Babes

Palma by Unbound Babes

Palma is a ring that doubles as a vibrator. The faceted metal baguette twists and tilts for different angles, and its haptic surface allows the user to tap it to change the speed setting or save a preferred pattern of pulsation.

Thanks to its jewellery disguise, the Palma is completely portable for solo sex without arousing suspicion.

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Valentine's Day 2020 sex toy round up

Way Home by Kamila Rudnicka

Although designed with lesbian couples in mind, the Way Home insemination kit would also suit single people with a uterus hoping to conceive as a solo parent.

The penetrative toy has an integrated semen delivery system. A silicone bubble filled with semen slots into a ring at the base of the dildo. When the bubble is squeezed, the semen is propelled through the device and released. The toy is designed to be stimulating as studies have drawn a correlation between orgasm and conception.

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