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Fakro roof windows add light and outdoor space to attic apartments in Virginia

Dezeen promotion: Large windows by Fakro punctuate the roof of a multi-family apartment block in Richmond, USA, creating micro balconies for the residents to enjoy.

Virginia-based architects ADO Architecture Design chose to use Polish window brand Fakro for its flexible products that could blend with the building's contemporary metal facade.

Fakro Promotion
Fakro roof windows were used to create an extra storey

The cladding of Fakro's FGH-V Galeria and FDY-V Duet proSky windows exactly matches the grey-blue metal roof.

Local building restrictions prevented the architects from building above two stories, but by using Fakro windows the attic level can function as a spacious and light-filled extra level.

Fakro Promotion
Fakro's Galeria windows fold out to form a balcony

The FGH-V Galeria folds out from a standard window to become a small balcony.

By pushing the bottom sash, it raises to a vertical position, pulling out the hidden railings. The top sash can be raised to a horizontal position to create an outdoor space.

Fakro Promotion
The balconies have their own built-in railings

The FDY-V Duet windows look identical from the outside, creating a harmonious facade. The top sash pivots to create a space big enough for a person to stand comfortably at the window.

Fakro's products are popular with architects looking to make windows that double as an architectural feature.

Fakro Promotion
The roof windows are tall enough for residents to stand underneath

Polish architect Robert Konieczny has become an ambassador for the brand, producing an architectural manifesto and becoming the face of a campaign called Light Shape Art.

"These three elements have a huge impact on what I do," said Konieczny. "Light is an indispensable element in my work, which can be seen in my and our projects that we create at KWK Promes."

Fakro Promotion
Architect Robert Konieczny has become the face of the Fakro brand

Konieczny uses large area of glazing to great effect in his designs. For his own house, Ark, a wall of sliding windows look out over a valley in Poland.

Windows, explained Konieczny, are the "life-giving element in a building".

"The project with properly arranged windows and view frames makes you feel like you are on the best plot of the world," he said. "Perfectly directed views make you feel that way."

Fakro Promotion
Konieczny is the brand ambassador for Fakro's Light Shape Art campaign

A well-placed window is better than a piece of art hung on a wall, he argued.

"These frames give us all this sometimes even in a better form, because what happens outside the window is changing, there is an infinite number of scenarios."

Fakro has also supplied windows for the renovation of a 1920s building in Poland and various residential projects with roof windows.

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Fakro Promotion