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Emergency Scenery public shelter in Olot by Unparelld'arquitectes

Emergency Scenery by Unparelld'arquitectes "is pure magic" say readers

In this week's roundup of the best comments, readers are enchanted by Unparelld'arquitectes' arched public shelter designed to bring the community together in Olot, Spain.

Neighbourhood watch: readers have fallen for a party wall in the town of Olot in Spain, which Unparelld'arquitectes created from the ruins of a former house to "catalyse activity" on the street.

"Extremely thoughtful solution!" praised JZ. "More of this in our urban centres please!"

Charlie Bing was also impressed: "I started smiling when I saw the red metalwork and by the time I saw the glass and the nighttime shots, I was grinning like a fool! So easy to misstep with something like this, but this is pure magic."

"This is one of the most exciting, well thought out, beautifully designed projects I've seen in a long time," added Moatoh. "The description of the subtleties of this commission plus the photographs achieved an article flow which just kept getting better and better. Congratulations to Unparelld'arquitectes and thanks to Dezeen."

"Lately, I've seen so many projects fail at enhancing a historic context and end up destroying the charm of a place," continued Zea Newland. "This, on the other hand, is perfection. It's original, it's not a copy and still it is tying the neighbourhood together."

This reader was also delighted.

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Production Club designs drink- and vape-friendly PPE suit for clubbing during a pandemic

Party dress: creative studio Production Club has designed a personal protective suit which could offer people a way of safely gathering and partying at gigs and nightclubs during the coronavirus pandemic. Readers are divided.

"I want one," said Georgie Girl.

TKO was also keen: "As a conceptual, satirical project, really great job – fun and interesting forms and shapes, nice renders, etc. Reminds me of the Mass Effect universe or something."

"No reason to not relocate to the moon now," added JZ.

Ben Chow was less convinced: "Defeats the purpose of clubbing. Can't check people out if they're completely covered."

As was this commenter:

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Casa Merida by Ludwig Godefroy

Concrete idea: a concrete house in Mérida, Mexico, which Ludwig Godefroy designed as a nod to Mayan traditions and culture, has inspired some readers – but not all.

"That sleeping room is like in a war-bunker pressed down by bare, suffocating concrete slabs," said Cawa.

Geofbob felt similarly: "Its closed off, private nature – without even the conventional, welcoming features of windows onto the street – and use of concrete as the main material almost inevitably triggers thoughts of wartime bunkers or shelters."

"I think this is one of those projects that you want to forget about for about 10 years and come back to, with the weathering and development of landscape, etc," replied JZ. "Capturing those gutters in rainfall is also a must!"

Wilson MK was stunned, on the other hand: "One of the best concrete projects I have ever seen. Good job to the architects/engineers/builders involved."

As was this commenter:

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Ha Long House by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Green with envy: commenters are torn over a house on Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, which Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed with trees growing through its concrete walls.

"This looks very nice," praised Leo. "But I don't think it qualifies as sustainable given all the concrete."

Geof Bob was also unsure: "Nice concept, nicely accomplished, but does not represent 'living in nature'. The most obvious contradiction is that any 'green' credentials will have been submerged in the concrete sea used in construction. Nevertheless, I'd quite like to live there."

"House of the century so far," replied Lemi. "Vietnamese architecture is killing it."

"Wow, amazing, mind-boggling," added Sim. "I can come up with several objections that I have brought up when looking at other designs, however I think they fall away against the astounding qualities that this building also has in other areas. Vietnamese architecture continues to surprise and inspire me."

This reader found the house of their dreams:

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