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Architect and interior designer Art Gensler

This week Art Gensler and Helmut Jahn passed away

This week on Dezeen, German-American architect Helmut Jahn and Art Gensler, co-founder of the world's largest architecture studio, passed away.

Gensler, above, died aged 85 in his sleep at his family home after a long illness. The American architect and interior designer co-founded Gensler, now the world's largest architecture studio, in 1965.

The studio designed large-scale architecture projects, including the 632-metre-high supertall skyscraper the Shanghai Tower, which is the world's second-tallest building.

Gensler also created interiors for brands such as Apple and Gap, as seen in our roundup of eight of the studio's projects.

Helmut Jahn
Architect Helmut Jahn dies in bicycle crash aged 81

Jahn died in a bicycle crash aged 81. The German-American architect was riding his bike near his home when he was struck and killed by two vehicles.

Among his most well-known work is the James R Thompson Center in Chicago and United Airlines Terminal One at Chicago's O'Hare airport.

The architect also designed the Sony Centre complex on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

Colosseum wooden floor
Plans revealed for Colosseum amphitheatre's retractable floor

The Italian government approved plans to create a remote-controlled retractable floor for the Colosseum arena in Rome.

The floor, which was designed by architecture studio Labics and Fabio Fumagalli with engineering firm Milan Ingegneria, will replace the original Colosseum floor that was removed in the 19th century.

It will be retractable so that visitors can see the complex of lifts used to bring animals and gladiators directly into the arena beneath the stage.

Stefano Boeri
Stefano Boeri named curator of "unmissable" Salone del Mobile furniture fair in September

Also in news from Italy, furniture fair Salone del Mobile revealed the curator for its upcoming September edition is Milanese architect Stefano Boeri.

He will oversee a revamped format of the fair that will be open to the public and let visitors buy discounted products.

"The event we are working on will in effect be an unmissable event, open to both operators and the general public," said Boeri.

Twig NFT
Eight outlandish items jumping on the NFT bandwagon

We rounded up eight outlandish items that jumped on the NFT (non-fungible tokens) bandwagon, including a picture of a twig found on the streets of New York that dog product brand Between Two Naps sold as a "non-fungible twig".

Artist Imogen Heap created six carbon-negative NFTs that she hoped would "set the bar for what digital art can and should be". Five per cent of the profit from sales of the NFTs went towards carbon capture via Seattle start-up Nori.

It has a raised walkway
MAD tops Jiaxing Civic Center with roof shaped like a "tarp blown by the wind"

Architecture studio MAD unveiled its design for the Jiaxing Civic Center in China, which will be topped with a continuous roof shaped like a tarpaulin being blown in the wind.

It surrounds a large circular lawn that was designed as a public park.

Beaconsfield Residence by Sudio AC
Ten interiors by architects that use internal glazing to create a sense of space and light

For our Dezeen Lookbook this week, interiors expert Michelle Ogundehin selected ten examples of interiors with glazed internal windows, doors and partitions that create clever zoning and add privacy while still letting the light through.

"In the ongoing search for work-from-home space, walls are making a return as open-plan layouts are found wanting," wrote the architect, author and TV presenter.

Museum of the Home
"The home of the future is looking a lot like the home of the past"

The director of London's Museum of the Home, Sonia Solicari, argued that "the future of the home looks a lot like the home of the past".

In an opinion piece for Dezeen that focused on how the pandemic has forced people to rethink their homes, she outlined ways in which future housing could be informed by past ideas.

Symbiotic House for Life After Retirement by READ & Architects
READ & Architects builds retirement house that doubles as a vacation home in Japanese mountain town

Popular projects this week included a Japanese retirement home, a bright red family home and a revamped Krakow hotel informed by mid-century modern cinemas.

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