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Porada releases dance video spotlighting its furniture collections

Dezeen promotion: two dancers move seamlessly around Italian brand Porada's latest furniture in a video the brand has released to showcase its recent designs.

In the second of two videos that Porada has released this year, a pair of contemporary dancers twist and roll around the furniture items, mirroring the collection's "contemporary yet timeless" aesthetic.

A photograph of the Gamen wooden room divider by Porado
The Gamen wooden room divider by Porada has a curved structure

The items include new pieces and additions to existing lines. The pieces are united in their use of polished and elegant lines, which have been created with traditional artisan techniques. This makes it easy to combine multiple items in the same room.

For example, the minimalist Chiba coffee table has the same graphic black lacquered aluminium base as the Nara back-sofa.

Elsewhere, a plush armchair with walnut legs that forms part of the Softbay collection can be quickly married with the new Softbay double bed.

A white armchair in Porada's collection
The designs are informed by the work of Mies van der Rohe

"The pieces of furniture and the living spaces intertwine cohesively becoming one harmonious whole, embodied in the latest proposals of wooden panelling and custom dividers to add a personal touch to every space," said the brand.

"Noble materials are preciously combined with new finishes to create a vision of a contemporary yet timeless lifestyle."

To create the items, the studio drew on the styles found in the work of the influential modernist architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe.

A coffee table called Chiba in a living room interior
Brand new items have been released as well as additions to current lines

"The inspiration is often drawn from Mies Van Der Rohe interiors, with reminiscences of the upper‐class architectural projects of the 50s by Albini and Gardella," the studio told Dezeen.

"The result is the clear and precise identity of a multicultural, cosy and tailor‐made home."

A living room with furniture by Porada
Items can easily be paired with each other in the same room

Earlier this year, the brand released Porada Essential, the first video in the series that was created to showcase the blend of contemporary and traditional artisan techniques that go into its furniture design.

Porada was founded in 1968. Today it has more than 15 showrooms around the world including in London, Como and Milan.

To view more of Porada's products visit its website.

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