Exterior image of LR House from street-level

Dezeen's top five houses of November 2022

A dwelling overlooking a Scottish loch like a modern-day castle and a tiny home in Switzerland converted from a rustic wood store are among Dezeen's Houses of the month for November.

This is the second instalment in our new Houses of the month series, in which we select five of the most popular residences featured on Dezeen every month, from all around the world.

In addition to the Scottish house and the wood-store conversion, November's top five include an inward-facing home in Spain, a Montreal townhouse and a renovated cabin in the Czech mountains.

Read on to find out more about Dezeen readers' favourite houses this month:

Exterior image of LR House street-facing elevation
Photo is by Iñaki Bergera

LR House, Spain, by Lecumberri & Cidoncha and Ińigo Beguiristain

The most-viewed house featured on Dezeen this month was LR House in the Spanish town of Citruénigo, whose austere exterior hides a series of living spaces arranged around a central courtyard.

Local studio Lecumberri & Cidoncha and architect Ińigo Beguiristain based the paved courtyard on a Greco-Roman impluvium – a sunken basin designed for collecting rainwater.

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Exterior of Hundred Acre Wood by Denizen Works
Photo is by Gilbert McCarragher

Hundred Acre Wood House, Scotland, by Denizen Works

Architecture studio Denizen Works completed a castle-like seven-bedroom house overlooking Loch Awe in Scotland, with the building sunken into the landscape to give it a protective quality.

Its facade is covered in a finish made from recycled TV screens, developed by the architects as a contemporary take on traditional Scottish harling, a rough wall finish made from lime and aggregate.

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Exterior of small house in Switzerland
Photo is by Marcelo Villada Ortiz

Rustic Renovation, Switzerland, by Enrico Sassi

This 14-square-metre micro home was created from the renovation of an old stone building in Aldesago, Switzerland previously used as a wood store, shed and rabbit hutch.

Architect Enrico Sassi infilled the structure's damaged stone walls with bricks, added a new clay roof and fitted a new window as part of the transformation.

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Atelier Pierre Thibault
Photo is by Maxime Brouillet

Resther Street Residence, Canada, by Atelier Pierre Thibault

A sculptural staircase winds its way up Resther Street residence in Montreal, designed by Quebec City studio Atelier Pierre Thibault.

At the centre of the home is a glass-walled courtyard with a tree, while the top floor takes the form of a glass-walled pavilion that provides views of the surrounding neighbourhood as well as the house's lower levels.

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Photograph of cabin in snow
Photo is by BoysPlayNice

The Glass Cabin, Czech Republic, by Mjölk Architekti

In another renovation project, Mjölk Architekti added a glass extension and domed skylight to a 130-year-old cottage near the Jizera Mountains in northern Czech Republic.

Playful, modern finishes are juxtaposed with the timber and granite structure's original features throughout, with the extension bearing floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a flat roof.

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