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Dezeen Showroom's Christmas gift guide for architecture and design aficionados

Dezeen Showroom: for the upcoming holiday season, we've selected six gift ideas for design lovers that have been featured on Dezeen Showroom this year.

Dezeen Showroom generated over 2.1 million page views in 2022 by showcasing the best furniture and lighting designs by over 200 brands from around the world.

Selected from over 390 designs, this roundup includes a series of 3D-printed homeware products, a collection of vases made from recycled glass, and a set of organisational desk accessories designed to help the user establish effective working routines.

Read on to see gift ideas for architecture and design lovers featured on Dezeen Showroom:

Etta vase by Julius Heinzl for Bannach

Etta vase by Julius Heinzl for Bannach

Designer Julius Heinzl has created a hand-blown glass vase called Etta for German brand Bannach, which aims to combine traditional craftsmanship with architectural design language.

The Etta vase is made up of a conical or half-spherical base topped with a cylindrical neck and is available in five colours and finishes, including crystal, smoked glass, pale pink, pale green or sapphire blue.

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Heritage wall mirror by Studio Seitz

Created by Studio Seitz, the Heritage wall mirror has a wooden frame with 16 geometric facets informed by the shape of Alpine milking pails.

The mirror's frame features delicate carvings, which Studio Seitz designed to spotlight traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

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Two blue tumbler glasses on a wooden table

Phoenician vases by Adam Nathaniel Furman for Beit Collective

London-based designer Adam Nathaniel Furman has designed a collection of recycled glass vases and tumblers for Lebanese homeware label Beit Collective.

The glass designs come in three colourways and have irregular shapes that are made using a traditional Phoenician glassblowing technique.

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Tiny Architecture homeware by Nicolas Gold for Sheyn

Available in 14 colours, Tiny Architecture is a range of 3D-printed homeware accessories created by designer Nicholas Gold for his brand Sheyn.

The collection includes vases, bowls, planters and lighting with textured surface patterns made from recyclable corn-based bioplastic.

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Toppu ceramics collection by OYOY Living Design

Danish interiors company OYOY Living Design has launched the Toppu collection of ceramics to celebrate its ten-year anniversary, which includes a vase, bowl, pot and tray.

The products in the Toppu collection are united by striped finishes with alternating vertical bands of white and soft grey.

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Config 01 Desk Set by Nooe on a black desk in a home office

Config 01 Desk Set by NOOE

Config 01 Desk Set is a set of organisational desk accessories intended to motivate effective work routines, created by Scandinavian design brand NOOE.

The set includes a laptop stand, mobile phone stand, desk rug, desk tray and cable organiser made from natural walnut and aluminium.

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