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Palace of Assembly, Chandigarh, by Le Corbusier

This week we looked at India's most influential architecture

This week on Dezeen, we invited leading Indian architects to pick their favourite buildings in the country.

The 13 prominent architects chose a wide range of buildings, from a 14th-century landmark to brutalist structures by Le Corbusier and buildings by India's most famous architect Charles Correa, as the country's most significant piece of architecture.

Anti-drone antennas set to be built on top of Oscar Niemeyer palaces in Brásilia
The Oscar Niemeyer-designed Planalto Palace was one of the buildings damaged during a riot

In Brasília, the iconic Oscar Niemeyer-designed National Congress, Planalto Palace and Supreme Court buildings were damaged during a riot.

Supporters of Brazil's former president Jair Bolsonaro stormed the buildings, breaking windows and damaging the buildings' interiors.

In response to the riot, provocative architecture studio Opposite Office proposed encircling the National Congress with a wall with the aim of creating a "fortress to protect democracy".

TCL RayNeo X2 AR glasses in use
Augmented-reality glasses were among the products unveiled at CES

This week we continued to report on the multiple products unveiled at the CES 2023 tech conference in Las Vegas.

The most interesting launches included the "world's first" full-sized double-screen laptop, a screen-less smartwatcha pram powered by artificial intelligence and a pair of augmented-reality glasses that feature language translation and GPS navigation.

Person wearing blue Cionic Neural Sleeve on their leg
AI will become more influential in 2023 with products such as this bionic leg wrap

We also looked forward to 2023 by inviting designers and industry experts including Philippe Starck and Titi Ogufere to predict the major design trends that will impact this year.

In architecture news, we rounded up 10 projects that are set to open in the United States in 2023 including a Manhattan museum and Austin's tallest skyscraper.

"Motorcycle amphitheatre" for Harley Davidson by Thomas Hetherwick
Heatherwick Studio is designing a park for Harley-Davidson

In the US, Heatherwick Studio unveiled plans for a park including a motorcycle amphitheatre that will be built alongside Harley-Davidson's headquarters in Milwaukee.

Speaking to Dezeen, Harley-Davidson's CEO Jochen Zeitz explained how the park forms part of the motorcycle company's latest evolution, which will see it transition to becoming an all-electric brand.

Wabi-sabi house in Utah
A house in Utah was one of this week's most popular projects

This week, popular projects featured on Dezeen included a cantilevered house alongside a Utah canyon,  the transformation of a water tower in Utrecht into apartments and a timber-lined cabin in a Swedish forest.

Our latest lookbooks focused on homes with interiors informed by biophilic design and shop interiors featuring memorable designs.

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