Licking Rocks tea set by Simiaen

Licking Rocks tea set by Simiæn among ten new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: a collection of drinkware and accessories made from stone, which are intended to be used to drink tea are among ten new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Licking Rocks tea set by Simiaen

Licking Rocks tea set by Julia Schwarz for Simiæn

Austrian designer Julia Schwarz has released a set of teacups, espresso cups and accessories for her brand Simiæn that are made from offcuts of Pannonia Green stone quarried in Austria.

The Licking Rocks collection is created to be used to drink a tea blend made form lichen, which the brand created in collaboration with Saint Charles Apothecary.

Licking Rocks was recently featured on Dezeen Showroom, alongside a glowing bollard designed to help illuminate outdoor areas without contributing to light pollution and a collection of lamps made from French porcelain.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

Black bollard on grey backdrop with slatted shade

Sprinkle lighting collection additions by Zero Lighting and Note Design Studio

Swedish design firm Note Design Studio collaborated with lighting brand Zero Lighting to add accompanying designs to the original Sprinkle pendant lamp.

The Sprinkle collection now includes an outdoor bollard, floor lamp and linear pendant light that all share the range's signature slatted light shade.

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Wishbone hall stand by Busk+Hertzog for Frost

Wishbone hall stand by Busk + Hertzog for Frost

Design brand Frost created the Wishbone hall stand in collaboration with Danish design duo Busk + Hertzog with the aim of creating a sculptural yet functional object.

The stand consists of a round base with three uprights that each diverge into branches from which coats and bags can be hung and stored.

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Black lamps suspended along wires between buildings

Lumo collection by Zero Lighting and Thomas Bernstrand

Zero lighting and designer Thomas Bernstrand have expanded the Lumo collection by adding two new outdoor lights.

Both lights are reminiscent of the original Lumo pendant but have different attachments – one is designed to be mounted on a wall and the other has a slot allowing it to be threaded onto a wire.

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Lamp on dining table with wine glasses

Hemisphere lamp collection by Voltra Lighting

French porcelain is the main material used in lighting brand Voltra's Hemisphere collection table lamps.

There are two lamp types in the range – a shorter version and a taller version with a long stem – both with shades made by porcelain brand JL Coquet in Limoges, France.

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Red light on red wall

Zero Lighting expands Compose collection with four lights by Jens Fager

Designer Jens Fager broadened Zero Lighting's Compose collection, adding four new light fixtures in a variety of coloured finishes.

The previously released rail lighting system is joined by a floor and table lamp, a wall mounted light and a scaled up version of the original metal lampshade.

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5-in-1 glass set by Joe Colombo for Karakter

5-in-1 glass set by Joe Colombo via Karakter

Danish brand Karakter has released set of glasses originally designed by by Italian designer Joe Colombo in 1970.

5-in-1 consists of a cognac glass, white wine glass, red wine glass, grappa glass and water glass that all have a clear finish. They are designed to nest inside each other when not in use to create a sculptural effect.

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Bollard on a lawn with an old building in the background

Stump bollard by Peter Bysted for Icono

Danish lighting company Icono and designer Peter Bysted have released a bollard with integrated light that provides lit guide points without causing light pollution.

Stump has an undulating body made from durable oxidised cast iron and contains a light fixture that aims to aid users of both public and private outside areas.

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Orange Rühe sofa seat by Allseating

Rühe seating by Mike Shields for Allseating

Canadian furniture company Allseating and industrial designer Mike Shields worked together to release a collection of office seating that aims to bring a "home-like" feel to workplaces.

Rühe is named after the German word for rest and consists of sofas and armchairs that have steel frames. The pieces can be upholstered in a wide selection of fabrics and materials.

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Detail showing blue green upholstered pillows and bench

Outdoor Biobased Xorel fabric collection by Carnegie Fabrics

Material design company Carnegie Fabrics has released a bio-based fabric for outdoor use that comes in a plethora of geometric and textural patterns and finishes.

Outdoor Biobased Xorel is made from sugar cane and is carbon-positive, highly durable and resistant to colour fading.

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