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Dasein Products (El Decora International)

Design & photo: Kristof De Bock

Longlisted for Dezeen Awards 2021 emerging design studio of the year, Dasein Products (El Decora International) is Kristof De Bock's design brand that saw the light of day in the spring of 2018 after the development of the floor lamp called Monday.
This lamp immediately won a golden International Design Award.

Dasein Products wants to devote itself to the development of functional interior design objects with the baseline "Quality with a personal touch". Hence the enlarged fingerprint as logo. "Quality" in our motto stands for the thoughtful design and precise execution, "personal touch" refers to our unique realizations. A product from our hands is different from the rest, there's no questioning.

This project has been longlisted in the emerging design studio of the year category of Dezeen Awards 2021.

Designer: Dasein Products (El Decora International)

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