Orient Occident Atelier

Magic Kwan, Kenrick Wong

Longlisted for Dezeen Awards 2021 emerging architecture studio of the year, Orient Occident Atelier (OOA) is an architectural studio that focuses on discovering and utilising the interdependence of "objects" and their relations with surrounding spaces as design inspirations.

OOA's design themes revolve around modern reinterpretations of Eastern and Western aesthetics, honing in on the integration between nature and functionality. We believe that the intrinsic local culture and technology found at each project site should be respected and the genius loci responded to. OOA devotes itself to the research and development of new methods for architectural detail assembly and is also committed to leveraging architectural design for rural villages and urban development.

Orient Occident Atelier has been longlisted in the emerging architecture studio of the year category of Dezeen Awards 2021.

Designer:Orient Occident Atelier

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